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How could Belle know the handsome prince would trample over her miracle?

“Just for tonight, forget about the future. Be with me…” Those are the words Angel, a very wealthy mogul from New York, whispered to Belle, the far-less-wealthy waitress. She has trouble believing the hot, arrogant prince wants her. It can’t be… But with the way his gleaming eyes are looking at her, his attraction can’t be denied. Belle decides that, for once, she won’t be the good girl! It was just supposed to be a night to remember. Belle didn’t expect it to become something she might regret for the rest of her life…

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almost a five star 4  4

Now, the story was pretty good but there was a reason for not getting a full stars. To start out, the hero and heroine meet through mutual friends but dislike each other's opinions on a variety of topics, mostly love and marriage. This goes on for quite a while till at the wedding of one of their friend's fathers. The whole thing actually gets the heroine to open up to the hero and he confesses that he's always wanted her. One thing leads to another, and six months later, she's knocking on his door with news of upcoming title of a parent. The hero takes the news very badly, I mean throws accusations and all since she told him that she wasn't able to get pregnant. Yet, this wasn't the one less star deal. No, she has the last word and drives all the way back home. Thankfully, her long drive gives the hero time to reflect and remember that the heroine isn't like the other woman nor does he want to be like his dad and abandon his responsibilities. It's really a sad story with an aristocratic crud: hero's father (the duke) took advantage of the hero's mother (the maid) when he was married with a child but threw her out when she got pregnant. She never let her son forget of the "pain" he caused her till she died when he was a kid. He went to the father for help but the man chased off the poor boy with his dogs. The hero ended up in the orphanage and became friend then lovers with a girl who he opened his heart. Unfortunately, the girl was only using him to marrying his older brother to live the luxury life and rejected his proposal. So yeah, the hero got a lot of issues. Now, the he flies via helicopter to the heroine's house and arrives before her. He does open up about the father part to the heroine but he learns from the doctor that the heroine's infertility was real and you won't believe how it happened. He feels awful and it quite awkward in figuring out how to make amends. I liked that he did apologize with the word sorry then learns what happened. Apparently, the heroine was engaged to another man who didn't want children and convinced her to get a tube tied; only the man confessed after the surgery that he got another girl pregnant and wants to marry that girl. The heroine lets it go and wishes him happiness but I was like, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!!" That man made you lose the chance to have any opportunity, you may have chosen but he sure as heck used your love to his advantage. The hero gets angry on her behalf then gives her the ring (sadly, it's the OW's ring but he "plans" to get another one). Now, for the next pages, they go through preparing to be parents, planning a wedding, and building a bond (he opens up about the OW). The bond is test come news of the hero's old brother's death and his father is calling for him. It delays the wedding that hero planned to have within a few weeks. It's also the "I found a unicorn" deal for the hero. I mean, this is his father acknowledging his existence then the woman who abandoned him throwing her arms around him. Of course, the heroine goes along with him to be his support but she's immediately out-casted by the in-laws who see her as an obstacle from getting their pawn. Sadly, the hero falls into their trap and try hard enough for the heroine. I mean, he doesn't even do anything when he finds out she's been walking up flights of stairs in her pregnant state to a rotten room. In the end, he pushes her away to leave this place since she loves him and gives him the choice of love. He rejects it and the heroine leaves. Sadly, the hero doesn't get till later that this whole "unicorn" deal is like the animal; it doesn't exist. The father doesn't care for him as individual nor does the OW, they're just using him. They're more of his demons of his past that he needs to overcome. He finds himself miserable without the heroine, despite being part of the "other family". Then he gets news that the heroine has gone into labor early and makes plans to rush there. The OW tries to stop him but he shoves her off and tells her to marry the dad if the two are so desperate for an heir. She's also the person who helps the hero realize he does love the heroine and just how much of a jerk he's been. Once, he reaches the hospital and tries to reach the room, only to be slapped like the Dickens by the heroine's friend (I would have done it). He's able to convince her his sincerity to enter the room. Once inside, the hero and the hero hug each other with the hero begging for the heroine's forgiveness. There wasn't any tears but there was some good groveling from the hero. The heroine forgives him and the heroine's friend pulls in the hero's request of a priest and rings because he wants the heroine to be his wife right there and now. After the daughter is born, I liked how the friend apologized to the hero for her hard slap but the hero admitting he deserved it. It gave the reader an image for the heroine to imagine and it was funny. The hero and heroine move on to marrying properly and they're not the only ones. Apparently, the OW and the hero's father took his advice and tied the knot. Personally, I found the two to be a bunch of hypocrites because it was all about blood but the OW was from the same orphanage as the hero, so it's not a matter of blood but how cold one's heart can be. It was really a nice ending with the hero unburdened from his past and ready to live a happy life with the heroine and their daughter.

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