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The prince landed his helicopter in front of my house…and proposed to me!

“It’s time we got married.” That’s what Alexander, Loren’s first love, has the audacity to say to her after stepping out of his helicopter. He is the eldest son of the legendary del Castillo family. The family rules an island kingdom in the Mediterranean, and Alex always treated Loren like a kid. He hasn’t contacted her in ten years, so why is he suddenly proposing to her now?

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a nice read 4  4

The hero has come to agree to an age old engagement made between his father and the heroine's father for the heroine and him. Although, the man hasn't even contacted the heroine in a decade, he knows she's the best pick since it will bring his grandfather joy to have his child marry and break the curse. A curse that was done by one of the ancestors who was mistress to their patriarchal head then mother to his bastard sons till he turned his back by marrying another woman of high born after the wife dead. Her sons by the same man did the same and in her anger and despair, she placed a curse on the family that if the children up to the ninth generation (it's the hero's generation and pretty specific) don't value family, honor, etc then their line will die with them. So, the hero goes to see the heroine in the backwaters of Australia where she's been living with her dominating mother. To tell you the truth, I liked how the heroine had backbone in this. I mean, after years of dealing with her mother, she finally tells the woman how she feels. It did compensate for the fact she was all giddy about the hero marrying her. However, that spark quickly dies when the hero's secretary (her feelings, hero never did anything to her) tries to bully the heroine. What I liked is how the heroine handled the secretary with class. Plus, she doesn't hold back from the hero of their conversations and giving the cold distant attitude. I also liked that the hero realizes his mistakes and actually works to earn the heroine's trust and later on, forgiveness. It's impressive but every step the hero makes has someone sending him back three steps. For example, after he fired the assistant, she corners the heroine with insider information of why the hero is really marrying her. The heroine is shocked but still goes through with the wedding. After the wedding, she confronts him again and he's caught with how he screwed up on his end. Yet, he doesn't give up in working to earn back her trust. It works and the heroine begins to trust him till she overhears a conversation with him and his brothers, only to miss the important bits. She can only catch the hero saying their marriage was a mistake. When they're finally alone, the hero states their marriage was a mistake with how he went about marrying her and only wished he had done it differently. He asks for a second chance for the heroine, stating he loves her. The heroine accepts it all and the hero. Then takes her to the family's private chapel where he re-proposes to her once again. It was quite a sweet ending even with the ghost at the end. Although, I was quite curious to see what happened to the hero's ancestors right after their mother's and the mistress's death.

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