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How can she convince Jed that he’s the one she loves?

Elena planned to remain single, but she always wanted a child. That’s why she accepted when her friend Sam offered to father a child with her. Nothing happened after a few weeks, so she assumed she hadn’t conceived and thought nothing more of it. A whirlwind romance with Sam’s brother, Jed, followed and the two were soon married! Elena was finally happier than she ever thought possible, but then she began feeling nauseous and realized she was six weeks' pregnant!

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Some things need to be said sooner than later 3  3

SPOILER ALERT: Our heroine is a novelist with a successful career and a poor relationship history. Talking one night, her friend Sam said he wanted a legacy without responsibility; she said she wanted a child without marriage, so when Sam suggested those goals were mutually compatible, it seemed worth trying. And then he died. Not sure how he died. Not sure of a few things. The artist (or the author) has a few peripheral issues they didn’t think they needed to tell us. It’s not that they completely disrupt the story – they don’t – they just leave a couple of holes where that piece of the ‘puzzle’ goes and it minorly disrupts the ‘big picture’. Like, we are told our heroine married young and then lost everything in the divorce, but there is only the illustration of her husband being led away in cuffs to suggest there was some sort of illegality involved. Even though that bit of illegality will crop up later, we never get a good explanation, even though it comes back to bite her with an accusation I could only guess at. Did she testify against him? *shrugs* Nor is Sam’s death explained. We just know that the hero meets the heroine when he comes to his brother’s funeral, and in less than six weeks their relationship, which he keeps pure, has become married on their honeymoon… and THEN the heroine discovers she and Sam succeeded. Now we get the angst of discovering both were hurt and threw away their convictions to leap into this too-good-to-be-believed relationship and she’s terrified of destroying it – a fear well-founded. She hems and haws, trying to figure out best way to explain it to him, until it comes out in the worst possible way – without ANY explanation, and here he has been harboring a hidden inferiority complex about his brother and hasn’t been able to convince himself the two weren’t lying about being just friends. She wants to explain, and he says he’ll listen, but then never honestly gives her a chance. She betrayed him and their marriage is a sham they’ll keep up for appearances and the child. When his mother comes to visit, the hero insists they share a bed for appearance, but when he wakes and realizes they were drawn together in the night, he rejects her, and she decides they need to break up. Sam’s child is obviously her problem… her’s alone. The hero refuses, but they get some time apart as he goes back to work and she prepares for an award one of her novels won. They will reunite at the awards for appearance's sake. After the awards, she breaks it off saying she doesn’t love him and leaves only to be accosted by her ex who accuses her of stealing everything and has the means to blackmail her and hurt her husband’s reputation. The hero comes to her rescue. He is FINALLY willing to listen to her whole story. We learn about his family’s dynamics as they come to a touching reconciliation, but now she doesn’t know if she should tell him about the blackmail threat. *face palm* You know it has a happy ending, but I’ll let you find out how. I loved the art. It was the best part of the book. The story was okay, but if there was one moral to be learned it was, ‘Don’t sit on secrets that need to be told!’ I wasn’t completely happy with how the characters acted – there should have been more communication – but then there wouldn’t have been a story. I will say there are things that regularly frustrate me in these types of romance and this one has two. One is the fixation on beauty – it’s transitory, guys. If that’s a big part of why you married her, be prepared for disappointment. And another is the subtle phrasing that still manages to put blame on the gal. Here, in the end, he says, “No matter what happens now… I want you to tell me the whole story.” Excuse me? I think she wanted too. Let’s rephrase that… “No matter what happens now… I promise I’ll hear the whole story before reacting.” That said, it was worth the sale rental, but I won’t be back for it.

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