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I don’t like my sexy lips or voluptuous chest. I’m sick of me.

The biggest problem in Serina’s life is her appearance. She has perfect proportions, long blond hair and bewitching lips. However, she’s shy, so it doesn’t make her happy. Instead, it only attracts men who think she’s easy. One day, she reunites with Aaron at the restaurant where she is waitressing. He was her first love who saved her when they were students. However, now he has the aura of someone successful and he looks her up and down with interest… He says to her, “Every man wants you even if you don’t work for it.”

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looks aren't everything 3  3

The heroine is beautiful from head to toe but she's not the type to flaunt it nor is the bold kind. She's her usually wallflower. So, it doesn't help that people look down on her for her looks or leer at her too. It's actually something that her family criticizes her for and it's plain sad. So, she gets assaulted by two guys but is saved by the hero who gets to see the lifestyle she lives. He leaves and she thinks he pities her. Years pass and the heroine's parents die with their house being resold. The hero comes back too with his daughter and recently acquired title of widower. He opens up to the heroine that he wants to be with her and she refuses. That is until that he'll wait for her to be ready. The hero goes along with it and they go on dates, have coffee, and the heroine actually falls for him. Then they have coitus and it goes down south. The hero says the next morning that he'll never marry again and expects the heroine to follow along with it. As in he doesn't want her fall in love with him. She learns about the hero's atrocious marriage to the first wife who tricked him by getting pregnant and telling everyone before him. Then she micromanaged his whole life. The heroine doesn't even learn till she hears it from the daughter that the woman hated her too for taking the hero attention away from her. That's actually the ice breaker for the heroine because she doesn't want to keep a suffering daughter away from her father. So, she breaks up with the hero who's at a loss why. He doesn't get it till his long time partner makes him think that his words chased the heroine away. Time passes and the hero is able to get the heroine's brother to reveal her location. He apologizes to the heroine for his insensitivity and not having her there made him realize that he wants her there by his side as his wife. The daughter even picked out the ring since she wants the heroine as her mom and a little sibling. The heroine drops the news on the hero and we get a happy ending.

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