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His relationships last only as long as champagne bubbles…

On her way to the office of the ultrarich Daniil, Libby feels depressed. She has to convince this man, raised in an orphanage, to attend his adoptive parents’ anniversary party. Can she do it? Shaking with nerves, she walks into the office and feels his overwhelming presence. Without listening to a thing she says, he looks at her with smoldering eyes. She can’t resist his devilish charm, and they end up spending a night together. Several days later he appears in front of her. In exchange for going to the party, she’ll have to pretend to be his lover…

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romance felt slow 3  3

I felt the romance in this story could have moved at a faster pace but there was too much hopscotch at the end. In the beginning, the heroine goes on behalf of her silly father (stupid man is in a hospital for an appointment; I put my money on plastic surgery) to get the hero to come to his parents (adoptive heartless creatures) 40th anniversary. the hero doesn't want anything to do with his adoptive parents because they took him straight out of Russia in England in order to make him the "clone" replacement for their dead son. I actually pitied those people because they were so lost in the grief of their first child that they refused to extend love and understanding in their child, the hero. I mean, how hard it must have been for a little boy in a foreign country who didn't have grownups take the time to learn his language and make him feel loved. They abused him for a long time till he was able to break away. The heroine goes to the hero but fails to convince (thankfully, she's not dripping huge crocodile tears) then they have coitus and he gives her a management plan to start up her ballet school. The heroine takes it gratefully and doesn't call but he expects it because people don't interact him unless they want something from him. I was kind of on the fence with her because she was trying to start up a school, so no time to do a phone call but I wish I could have seen her do something nice like maybe a thank you plaque. I feel like it would have been a nice add on to the heroine's in person thank you. We get flashbacks on the hero's life in the orphanage with his twin then with his adoptive parents. He goes to see the heroine and proposes a deal that he'll go the party if she goes with him. She agrees to the whole thing. She meets the parents and the hero opens about his life with him. She sees that he hasn't had it easy. He lies to the party members about how great his parents were then gets a punch to the gut from the father. The man kept all the letters that the kids from the orphanage sent him as well as his letters to them. It's the last straw and the hero completely cuts his adoptive parents out of his life. He goes in search of his family and his past, leaving the heroine alone. She thinks it's the end of their relationship. Weeks later, she sees the hero hugging a prima donna ballerina. She congratulates him for finding the ONE and then runs off with the hero running after her. He explains everything since he left. The heroine accepts him and head back to his place. Then she proposes they look for his family but he states she's his family. So, she tells him she's pregnant and he's overjoyed. They secretly get married and only will have a big wedding when they get all the hero's brother's together. The first half felt a little dull but it got better in the second half.

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