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I met a man who’d closed his heart to the world...

One year after her husband’s death, Crys is still grieving when she agrees to visit her best friend’s brother’s house. When she gets there, she encounters Sam, a closed-off, guarded man. As Crys’s stay continues, she feels more and more attached to Sam. But her enduring love of her late husband makes it difficult for her to accept the feelings that are taking hold of her heart…

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The heroine is hiding to the private location for a retreat at the bequest (and begging) of her dear friend. It's something that she desperately needs since in the last year she has lost her parents and her husband of six months. It would take a toll on anybody's mind, heart, and body. She reaches the location but runs into the dirty hero with a shovel who is digging a grave. The very site of a grave upsets the heroine so much that she faints. She wakes up in the hero's arms as he carries her inside to lie on the sofa. Although, their first impression of each other isn't the best. Then they learn each other's identities with the hero being brother to the friend and the heroine being the widow to the interior designer the hero complimented so much about. Over the next few days, things start looking up where the heroine is even responding to the hero's flirtations and kisses. Yet, that's all ruined when the sister comes barging in and they're back to square one. Actually, they go further back because he finds out the heroine is a big city person and owner of a famous restaurant. It pushes him to distance himself from her. Next, she overhears a conversation between hero and his sister of the hero not wanting people like her here and it really breaks her heart. Then she learns that he's a huge screenwriter who was hounded by the media after his girlfriend committed suicide. They blamed him for her death because of his "cheating". He finds out she knows and helps her with packing when she wants to leave. The friend tells her that the fault lies with girlfriend who was paranoid, accusing the hero of a lot things he was innocent. The heroine believes the sister because she's met the hero. A month later after throwing herself into work, she finds the hero a part of a huge party. His reappearance confirms she's in love with him but he barely acknowledges her. She takes it as a sign that he's moved on from her. After that, she goes home to find the hero standing outside her doorstep. He wants to talk about his past but the heroine hugs him with the words that she believes and loves him. The hero confesses his love for her and asks her to marry him. She says yes and we have a happy ending with a wedding scene. It was a nice story.

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