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Reunited with my handsome neighbor...

Rachel’s ex-husband cheated on her, so she doubted she could ever trust someone with her heart again. But Greg, her kind, average-looking neighbor, was the only person to treat Rachel kindly after her divorce, and now, after a terrible accident, it’s her turn to take care of him. During his stay in the hospital, Greg trims down, and the facial reconstruction surgery he needed has changed his appearance…a lot! His new good looks cause the women around him to suddenly show an interest in him when they didn’t before, making Greg doubt their sincerity. Can these two distrustful hearts learn to trust each other?

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This was actually a good story because for me, it's about the characters reactions. I liked that the hero and heroine have known each other for a while now. They start out as neighbors where the heroine moved in after a messy divorce starting from the husband admitting not only cheating on her but leaving her for OW. So, she's distrusts men but he manages to bring her wall down slowly by being friendly. She views him first as a friend and tries not to imagine anything else in order not to ruin their friendship. Until he gets into a terrible accident. The whole thing sends the heroine a reality check of losing the hero who she finally realizes that she's in love with him. Once he pulls through, she decides to confess her feelings for him when he's well and out of reconstruction surgery. Weeks pass with her visiting till he goes into rehabilitation. On his day of release, she's cleaning his house to pristine as a surprise but it's her that gets the surprise with a hunky stranger walking through the door with the hero's voice. Honestly, I was surprised they didn't try to reconstruct his original face (they had pictures). Now, the heroine goes off shopping to get the hero a new wardrobe since his massive weight loss and he needs to look good. The hero contemplates this new face and doesn't like it since he doesn't recognize as his own. Although, it's one of the lesser worries because now he's dealing with the onslaught of women eying him or flirting with him. He doesn't get it and the poor man freaks out when his female director puts her hands all over him. I mean it's awful, knowing your boss and suddenly they're sexually harassing you. The heroine has her own worries because she doesn't know how to confess her feelings since the hero will think that with his new face that she's only showing him interest after the surgery. Nor does it help when he asks her to be his friend forever. The heroine decides to kill two birds with one stone by helping him stave off the boss and showing that she's actually interested in the real him. The boss backs off but only for a day. She comes back stronger than ever and it really throws the hero off on what to do. The heroine finally tells it to him straight that he's a hunk and it's why the boss's tune changed from before the accident. She throws him a lot of compliments but he still doesn't get it. She finally confesses that she loves him and they go to bed. Yet, after the lovemaking, the hero says the wrong thing about her only wanting him for his face. It breaks the heroine's heart; she cries and calls him out for thinking she's shallow. He demands why the interest now and she states what was written earlier. We get some flashbacks on their relationship developing. The next day, the hero mucks along work and his feelings on what to do with the heroine. He can't make heads or tails of it till the boss comes again for another try. He confronts her on her interest and she gets angry. He sees the difference between her reaction and the heroine's reaction, figuring out the heroine really does love him. He finally tells the boss to back off or he'll quit (that actually makes her back off) and goes home to tell the heroine. During this time, the heroine waits for the hero but it's her EX that makes his way into her house and tries to force himself on her. Luckily, the hero makes it in time for him to defend the heroine and kick the jerk out. When the man is gone, the hero crouches beside the heroine and asks the to marry him. It shocks her but she's able to say yes, we get the exchange of I love you and it's a happy ending. I loved this story and it was fun to read. Definitely worth renting.

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