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You’re not appropriate to be a wife. You’re so sexy it should be a’re only worthy of being a mistress!

Amber, a student, and Lukas, the CEO of a huge corporation, fell in love at first sight and began dating. She adapted to match his tastes, becoming an elegant, mature woman. But one day he told her he was going to marry someone else and broke up with her. He said she wasn’t wife material, that she was too sexy. She was only worthy of being his mistress!

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on the fence 3  3

I was a little on the fence with this story of whether it was good or not. I mean the hero learned his lesson hard what with going with the appearance of a "right family" girl who turned out to be a drug addict apart from his sexy lover who had better habits. It's how he measures that the heroine isn't wife material (boy, he was wrong). So, the hero and heroine are lovers but the heroine has no idea that the hero is getting engaged to the "right girl" all for his sick biological rich father that took him off the slums when his mother died. I mean, she's forewarned by the black sheep of the family (his half-brother & once legitimate heir till his sexual preferences came out) but doesn't believe it till the whole thing is announced. She holds herself together when at the party and more. It's also there that she sees first hand of good girl's habits because it sure wasn't a cigarette she was puffing. What I couldn't like next is that the hero comes back one more time and besides slapping him hard, she still wants to have coitus with him. He says no and leaves. Years pass and sadly, the hero's brother gets AIDS and dies. Before he does, he tells the heroine of the hero's past of having a prostitute mom and his desperation for a good life. He also says that despite the hero's off standish behavior, he still sends the brother flowers and visits him apart from everyone in the family. The heroine and hero see each other at the brother's grave for the first time in five years. He relays the news of his child's death and his divorce to the heroine but also says he needs to talk about her inheritance since the brother listed her as the main beneficiary. During the business talk, the hero brings up marriage since he doesn't want to lose the stocks and the heroine goes along with it (after much, much persuading). They have a very small ceremony with the condition to only stay married till the transfer of stocks have been finalized. A lot of things are set off with the hero telling the heroine he loves her and his freaked out reaction from the mistake of her taking birth control when he thought it was drugs like the first wife. It's a lot of raw emotions running amok and a month later, the stocks have been transferred. They separate and we see from the hero's perspective that things have been going wrong since the day he got in engaged. He took on his father-in-law's debt that been driving the company to near bankruptcy. He found out about his wife's addiction and possible adultery after the death of their stillborn child, and the whole marriage thing was to protect the heroine and the brother's fortunes from being liquidated. The heroine finds out that the hero and her were never truly married (a way to protect their stocks because marriage would have made his problems becomes her). She doesn't know that of course and throws her ring into the sea. Then she spends the whole day and some of the night looking for it. She gets pneumonia, unconscious, and is rushed to the hospital. The hero hears and hears his presence in the selling of the whole company just to be by her side. It's actually how the heroine learns of the hero's financial troubles when she awakens to the phone call. She learns everything and confesses she's in love with the hero. The hero isn't confident in himself and asks the heroine for a task and she asks him to find her engagement. The hero spends days scouring the beach and sea for the ring. They are able to find it and it gives them enough courage to take a chance in each other. We skip to the epilogue where they have a new baby, their new company is becoming profitable, and they're as happy as they can be. It was an alright story but it really didn't get my boat going.

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