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I never imagined that one day, I'd have to pretend to be a billionaire's girlfriend...

Grace’s twin sister was engaged to the handsome and famous billionaire Bryan Falcon when she fell in love with his friend and broke off her engagement! Bryan was always in the news, so in order to keep the tabloids from reporting the scandal, Grace agreed to play the role of the billionaire’s girlfriend.

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The hero and heroine are currently undercover as lovers. It begins when the hero got engaged to the heroine's twin sister. Then she got kidnapped and fell in love with her fellow captive/rescuer who is the hero's friend/bodyguard. They escape and make it back to safety. They tell the hero who's not bothered by the news and gives them their support. However, the media is lapping for a scandal and ready to drag their names through the mud for "stealing" the hero's fiancée with the extra bonus of the head honcho of the kidnapping still at large. Then an idea is struck up by having the heroine pretend she was actually the hero's girlfriend and it works since she's the twin to the sister. However, every time they're out of public eye, she starts biting off the hero's head. I mean he doesn't make it easy for her with his easygoing attitude but it was a mutual agreement. Plus, it's can be hard for someone to wrap their head around the whole thing happening in a time frame of 6 months. It's kind of funny that the heroine can't see the hero pushing her buttons is his way of flirting with her (because he finds her cute). Sadly, the heroine thinks the hero is still in love with her sister (despite the fact he wasn't marrying her for love at all) and using her as a substitute since they have the same face. Although, her disappearing act does help see the hero deeply cares. Then the hero and heroine go on an incognito date where the day's events shows the hero cares a lot about her. By then, the heroine finds herself in love but still doesn't believe the hero loves her and wants the sister. She even shouts it at the sister, who doesn't even pursue the statement and I found it silly. Finally, the wedding comes and the bad guy has been caught. The heroine believes this is the end of it all. Yet, the hero opens up to coitus and she goes for it. Then she thinks he's left but he comes back with breakfast. Sadly, the heroine believes he's just mixing the her up with her sister and shuts him out. She goes to her secret place but he tails her to it and sees one of many sides. They see each other and the whole fog between the two finally clears. He asks her to marry him and she says yes in her music. We get a happy ending and the story was alright with its ups and downs.

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