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The mysterious man I spent the night with is a sheikh?

Guided by the threads of fate, Lucy spends the night with a mysterious man named Kahl. However, when she wakes up, Kahlhas disappeared. Two years later, Lucy visits the desert country of Abadan for work. The sheikh that greets her is none other than Kahl! How could he be the prince of a whole country? More importantly, what will he do when he finds out that Lucy’s son is his?

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The story didn't hold much interest for me with how it went. It starts out with the heroine having a one night stand with one of the investors of the house her mother's former employee. They don't expect anything from each other and leave it at that. The heroine discovers she's pregnant but had no way to contact the hero. So, she gives birth and works hard to get enough money to get the house in her name and be a good mother to her young son. She gets a job in Abadan for an interior design. There she meets the Sheikh who turns out to be the hero. She's able to keep her cool during the business meeting but her bad attempts to keep the hero from finding out about her little boy end in failure. He sees the boy and the family resemblance. He pulls the heroine away to state the boy is his and he's staying here as the heir. The heroine freaks out and escapes with her son into the desert. For me, I was on the fence because she's a mother desperately trying to protect her child but the desert is by no means an easy drive and going without water, food, or a direction of where to go had me tittering over the edge of not liking it. The hero finds them quickly and things finally come out. As they spend more time in the desert, they start to communicate and open up about certain things like the hero's mother who was well loved but died trying to save a child. How the hero is so astounded that the heroine knew nothing about him and still gave birth to his child. He brings up marriage of convenience for six months, he manages to convince the heroine to go along with it. Later, she finds out about the house being in the hero's name and how he gave it to her. It makes her feel that all her hard work has been for nothing. The two finally have the fight out where they open up about everything but not their feelings. It takes a horse ride and a scare of their little boy missing to get them to open up on their true feelings. The hero states her love for him as being just him was her giving birth to their son, so he gives her his mother's memento ring. Then it ends with them kissing. The story was nice and all but it wasn't something I got into .

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