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Am I nothing more than his temporary plaything?

He’s manly, sexy, and an international businessman to boot! Raul is the name of this perfect lover, and for Penny, she’s starting to wonder just what their relationship is. “We’re thirteen years apart in age, am I nothing more than his temporary plaything?” Penny decides that she wants to be on equal footing with Raul, so she proposes to him! However, things backfire on Penny when Raul misunderstands what she really wants and rejects her confession. She leaves the house in a shocking manner, but anew life begins to blossom from within Penny...!?

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Look for the inscription 2  2

not enough groveling to forgive the hero's actions...the heroine was a pushover all throughout the book and we didn't see the hero's feelings until the last few pages. i understand that they've been there all along, proof on the bracelet he gave her years ago, but still, words need to be said sometimes and his took too long to come out.

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This was an ouch 2  2

Spoiler: it's a long one. The story didn’t give me the happiness of reading a novella. First, we have the heroine who’s over the moon in love with the hero and is good with dropping everything to be with him. I mean she has no backing with a job nor gives the hero a relationship condition to follow. She’s just a gaga 23 year who’s blindly in love with her 36 year-old lover. In fact, she’s got this idea they’re going to get married. The heroine doesn’t think about what is her position, considering she’s living at his house, comes with him on business trips, and yet, they’re not married. Next, comes the hero’s tantrum about the heroine going out in western (short dress) in the middle eastern culture. Excluding his anger over the guy with a lot of mistresses making eyes at her, both are guilty in this setting. He doesn’t inform her of the dress code culture nor does she even think to look or ask the hero about the do’s and don’ts. He goes on accusing of seducing the heroine and she lets him wail on her that leads to coitus. If my partner had accused me then they would have seen me walking out the door. After he gives her the birthday bracelet and sends her away, he gets disappointed that she didn’t get what he was trying to say with the gift. We do find out in the end that he was telling her he loves her with the inscription in it but she didn’t know. There are just times when people need to say straight out to each other, “Read this”. It would have made things so much easier for them. The next thing that irritated me was the hero’s lack effort in defending the heroine from the OW who is not only a childhood friend but also an ex-fiancee. He doesn’t even listen her side. It doesn’t matter if she was defending his housekeeper who’s been with him since he was a child, he just tells the heroine to apologize. The OW is just a pain from the beginning who’s never wailed on good enough. In fact, the housekeeper who knew everything like the OW’s cheating during her engagement with the hero as well as her harsh treatment but she never told the hero. Not even when she’s right in front of the hero and the heroine is defending her. Dinner is horrendous with not the hero buying into the OW’s good girl act but the OW’s father groping and making inappropriate comments to the heroine. The guy is a minister, for goodness sakes!! And he’s says, “Young beautiful woman. Let me have a bite,”. This is in-front of the hero and he doesn’t get it. The same guy who had a tantrum over another guy kissing her hand. The heroine finally has enough and leaves the dining table much to the hero’s chagrin. He tries to enforce dominance with coitus into making her apologize. She only finally gets it into her head of confronting the guy of being equal partner. Unfortunately, the hero becomes such a donkey’s behind with accusations of trying to trap him. Then he tries to give her the bracelet as payment with the works, “You’ve earned it for working so hard.” I was so proud of the heroine for slapping him but her back bone didn’t last. Two years later, the hero discovers his son when an amber alert is televised. The heroine is sobbing for her baby boy to return and he is within a few hours by a woman who only recently lost her own baby. This is where the hero comes in and the back bone is there with the help of the heroine’s friends. Things seem to go better until the beach where the hero gets them on the boat. I’m like, “Don’t get on the boat!!!!”. I mean the heroine should know the hero’s personality of doing what-ever it takes to get something or someone under his control. Unfortunately, she gets on the boat and ends up back in his home country where he extorts her into marrying him since England is single mother approved with her also being an illegal and she’ll be deported but her son will stay with the hero. This is after she lets herself back into bed with the guy. Next pages are predictable: the heroine is still mistreated by the OW who spouts a bunch of lies like the hero using her as the mother of his child. The hero only goes to the heroine to seduce for coitus. The heroine barely fights and when push comes to shove, she runs off. The hero doesn’t believe the heroine. He only tells the OW to shut up once (not enough for me). In fact, he doesn’t apologize for the things he said that night. She runs off with the kid finally but she has no idea of how to get back home, it would have been so much simpler to find the British Embassy for help. In the end, the hero goes off searching himself, finds them, and is able to get the heroine to take back the ring. We have wedding for an end but I was definitely not satisfied.

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