Passion Romance JACOB'S PROPOSAL

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Falling for the guy who’s moody and has this complicated charm about him…

“We must get married.” The three bothers of the West householdhave decided that they must get married. It’s the one thing they dread, but in doing so, they can help their housekeeper Ada who suffers from a difficult disease... At the same time, we meet Claire, a live-in assistant to the eldest of the three brothers,Jacob. On top of him being moody and having this complicated charm about him, he also has this incomprehensible attitude that bewilders Claire. Still, she finds herself gradually becoming attracted to him. But it seems that Claire has made the decision not to fall in love ever?

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quite the pickel 3  3

The hero and heroine are each in their own pickle. The hero and his brothers have read out their father's will in order to inherit the money, all three of them need to marry. They don't want to but they desperately need the money for their dear housekeeper/foster mother who raised them in place of their mothers. Apparently, the father married a lot of times that had one son from a different woman. The heroine is still dealing from the aftermath of her crazy ex and is in need of a job since the whole thing kind of screwed her career chances. Then by a twist of fate, the hero's secretary offers her job as a temp as she goes on a vacation for a while. The heroine accepts the whole thing since she needs a break from the scandal 6 years ago and the hero has the state of the art security system. The hero's first interaction with the hero shows that he's a nice guy who cares about his employees, despite his reputation of being ice cold. The hero knows about the heroine's scandal with the EX and his affluential family but he's a man who goes by the facts and believes the man's stunts earned him a spot in prison. Sadly, the EX is out and is already preying on the heroine by leaving his usual marks. After some time working together, the heroine confesses about the scandal to the hero in order to be honest. The hero states he already knew but he trusts in her. It's a big thing for the both of them. The hero takes her out to a party where prying eyes look at her but the worst comes when the EX's parents come with a verbal assault on the heroine. The heroine can't say what's already been said but the hero shuts them up real quick and they leave. He takes the heroine away, apologizing for what happened. They get a passionate kiss that ends awkwardly but everything is forgotten when they go to the heroine's cousin's house and found him beaten near death with the place trashed. At the hospital, heroine trusts the hero enough to give him the full details about her relationship with the man. She was in a romantic relationship with the EX and became engaged. However, he became possessive over any relationship with a man, even if he was family. He scared her so much that she ran to an old ex. Then the EX shot a stranger she only just had a brief word three times (he survived). Then she ran to her police detective friend who the EX tried to shoot but she got to him first. They tried to get him admitted into a psychiatric ward but his image first parents who blamed everything on the heroine got him sent to prison. Although, the prison psychologist evaluated him as someone who needs to be in the psych ward. The heroine blames herself for the whole thing but the hero comforts saying it's not. He also pushes her (along with the help of her cop friend) to stay at his place since it's the safest. The cousin pulls through but his blunt force trauma to the head, caused him to lose memory of his attacker. Once they get to his place, the hero opens up about his pickle. He reveals that he already to proposed to a childhood friend but she rejected him and they were no hard feelings between the two. Now, he's asking the heroine and they work on negotiations for a couple of days. He opens up about losing his mother at a young age and how the housekeeper helped him cope. The heroine says yes and they accept all. When they go to the hospital to visit the cousin, they're confronted by the EX and his gun with his severe delusions in place. When he raises to shoot the hero, the heroine's friend tackles the creep to the ground. With the whole thing finished and the EX sent to the correct place for help. With the whole thing over, the heroine wonders what's going to happen now. The hero meets her and things quickly go to the bed. Yet, it ends badly when the hero says, "I love you" but the heroine can't react because it was the word the EX used. The hero is hurt but he feels stupid for saying it when she's still recovering. This leads him to apologize the next morning and she takes it the wrong way. Luckily, she talks with her friend who helps her see what she needs to know. She meets with the hero and shows him that she's wearing his ring. She confesses her love for him and he confesses his love for her and we get a happy ending.

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