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The beautiful wife is played by two men in a faceoff of love and jealousy…

Shy Octavia marries Italian businessman Alessandro under her father’s orders. Their initial plans was for her to marry his cousin Primo, but he turned her down. She had been fortunate enough to be proposed to by Alessandro. He loved her day and night and she eventually fulfills her desire to become pregnant, but is shocked when he tells her to go to London on her own to have the baby delivered by a noted doctor. Why doesn’t he want to be with her? Octavia had a reason to be concerned. Primo had told her the truth about her marriage and a certain plan that Alessandro had.

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3.5 He was fool but was making it up 4  4

The hero sees the heroine for the first time at a party. She's supposed to be the fiancée of his cousin who is cancelling the engagement because her makeup and dresses are too modest or out of style. However, the cousin doesn't have the hero's "x-ray vision" where he can picture the heroine without her clothes to see a great body. Her personality he finds cute as well and tells her that if the cousin cancels the engagement then he'll marry her. The heroine is surprised but decides to tell her dad anyway since it shouldn't matter. The man has the glee of a medieval nobleman who can't believe his daughter caught the big one. He doesn't take a second before calling the engagement off officially with the cousin and getting his daughter set up with the hero. The cousin is all peeved because he thinks the hero is only marrying the heroine for her backing but the hero calls him out for not seeing the heroine's beauty. The beauty is finally shown at their wedding, which only infuriates the cousin into plotting a malicious plan. Right off the bat, they go with the baby-making rather than bonding. This non-communication stirs up a lot of trouble with the hero not rubbing two brain cells on wanting to talk to the heroine to learn more about her. Same said with heroine not taking the initiative even with the hero asking her to speak her mind if something or someone bothers her. This happens when the cousin comes over spouting lies about the hero is only using her. The worse part is the hero is the man who sent the cousin to check on his wife. The man couldn't come but he couldn't even call her???!!! The man's heart is in the right place but he's making stupid choices. The cousin lies to him but he figures out the lie rather quickly but he never acts or investigates on it. I mean why would he forget when the man lied about the heroine hitting on him???!!! The heroine barely musters up the courage by the time she discovers she's pregnant. The hero is all joyful but around the time the heroine is 5-6 months, he wants her to moved to a special obstetrician in England when he's working in another country. This is the hero being once again a fool because he wants the best doctor for the heroine but he can't think for a second that what she wants isn't a great doctor but husband who's right by her side as emotional support. I mean, I give exceptions for men who can't be there for their wives from pregnancy to birth like military service, religious pilgrimage, and business. Yet, this a 2-3 month distance with only email. He never took a weekend off to spend with the heroine in her first pregnancy and is dealing with the history of her mother's many miscarriages (7plus). I doubt any of his clients, employees, or even partners would hold it against him to take a little time off before the last week before the birth even if he is the CEO. Now, the heroine is partly to blame on this one because she doesn't voice her worries like the hero told her to do. Instead, she spends those months fighting the fear, loneliness, and the cousin who harasses the heroine about the hero not wanting her. In fact, it's the stupid cousin who tries to get into the delivery room but thankfully, the hospital listens to the patient's wishes. They shut him out and the heroine gives birth alone in a hospital that's on the fritz with victims of a huge accident. The hero finally comes by and is all glow but the heroine doesn't want to hold their baby. She says something is wrong but people like the hero say nothing is wrong. From there, it's a roller coaster with the hero saying the heroine is not being right and should accept their baby but the heroine finally letting all her insecurities out about the hero not being there when she needed him, etc. Now, he's processing the whole thing and doesn't know what to do till he goes to the nursery and looks at her baby who looks remarkably similar to his own. He hears the woman wants a blood test to prove it's her child and insists the same thing because he decides to finally believe in the heroine. I liked the scene of he pushed for a DNA test with the doctor in front of the heroine and finally comforts her. Few days later, the tests show the heroine was right and the hero asks for security footage. The two slowly make headway and a few days later, the cousin is invited over. The hero shows him video footage of a man matching the cousin's description switching the name tags on the babies' cribs. Frankly, I'm surprised the hero gave him an easy escape of resigning from the company rather than shaking, punch, or even slamming his fist down on the desk for what he did. The man leaves shouting and the hero and heroine finally have the sit down. The heroine reveals everything and the hero sears that he loves the heroine. They're about to have coitus even after the doctor's orders of waiting 6-7 weeks; LISTEN TO THE DOCTOR! Thankfully, they're interrupted by their son who needs their attention. We skip a year later where the heroine and the OW have become friends and send pictures of their boys. The story was nice even with the hero being a fool but he did make it up. I do feel like there should have been more pages but it was a good story.

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