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How do you turn your super handsome best friend into your lover?

Kyra, a regular office worker, has been crushing on her boss and best friend Michael. But she knows he's out of her league. She's tried dating other men, but she ends up getting dumped and told she's boring. At this rate, she might never experience love! Having lost confidence after getting dumped for the last time, Kyra stumbles upon a book — a romance manual for seducing men. "If I read this and turn into an enchanting temptress, I wonder if I could even seduce Michael..."

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change of species 5  5

The heroine is drowning her sorrows with her boss/ close friend the hero. they have had a friendship that stems from them meeting in a bar after bad relationships (hero's was worse because fiancee eloped with his best friend). The heroine has recently dumped hers because the guy was a real such jerk to her about being frigid and everything. Even runs into the ex who makes disparaging remarks about her, which the hero nearly whacks but the heroine hits him hard. So, the hero takes her to a bookstore where she finds a self help book about changing her image and attitude to someone more bold. The heroine gets a complete makeover like a dormouse to a leopard and she even bought the dress to match its spots. I liked that we get to see the hero's toughest that he cares for the heroine, being with her has placed her as his best friend. Her makeover flabbergasts the hero and sparks a change. It's a good idea for a change and a good way for her to figure out herself. Although, I wasn't big on that she brought that kind of dress code and attitude to work. I mean, she could have kept dressing up stylish without having to be so provocative. The hero is getting a migraine of his own with his Client who changes parts of their project everyday. The hero finds himself unable to keep his hands off her and they leave on awkward terms with the two of them trying to figure out how they feel for each other. They do talk things out at lunch with the heroine understanding and doing the hero's requesting of no more provocative clothes at work and he supports her makeover. They start going on "friend" dates but both of them want more but it's the heroine who takes the initiative. Things almost go all the way till the heroine suddenly backs out because she feels like she'll be treated the same as previous women (including fiancee). The hero chases after her. He confesses his love and they end up in bed. They become close and intimate but he finds the self help book and thinks the heroine might have only used him. It also doesn't help that he was notified by one of his employees that the heroine was embezzling from the company. He needs some time to think but during their separation, the heroine gets kicked out of the company, framed for a crime she didn't commit. Thinking it was all the hero, has her quit and get a new job at the bookstore where she first got the book. She gets a surprise from the hero who tells her that he didn't believe she was the embezzler and the true culprit was found along with their partner. He wants the heroine to come back to the company but she rejects it sine they can't go back to the way they were. He confesses his hesitation and fear but shows his love in a blueprint of a home he wants for the both of them plus anyone who comes along the way. It was actually romantic and the heroine says yes to his proposal. It was a really good ending.

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