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Viveka tried to trick her sister’s fiancé, but now the joke is on her.

Viveka’s sister was supposed to marry Mikolas Petrides, a Greek millionaire who is connected to the mafia. But at the last minute, Viveka takes her sister’s place. Her plan was to buy some time so her sister could marry the man she truly loves, but Mikolas immediately realizes she isn’t his bride. With his real bride on the run, Mikolas takes Viveka on his boat and demands that she compensate him for the damage her sister caused, heartlessly telling Viveka that any daughter of the Stamos family will do as recompense.

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from contract to vow 3  3

The heroine takes a great risk in order to save her younger sister from a marriage she's been forced in by her oppressive father, a.k.a the heroine's stepfather. A plan is set and right when the veil is lifted and the truth revealed, the heroine makes a break for the docks. The only snag is her getaway boat isn't there and she ends up almost drowning if the hero hadn't saved her. He also becomes her shield when the father starts whacking at her for ruining the marriage. The hero takes the heroine on his ship where she warns him that everything isn't ship shape on the father's side and he'll end up paying for it. He learns the life story between the heroine and her step family from her mother's death to being kicked out of the father's home when she wanted to investigate her mother's death. She suspects the father killed her because even during the search, he claimed that she wasn't coming back. Then the hero pushes the heroine into marrying him, using the sister as leverage. The heroine goes along with it when he states that he'll hire an investigation to look into her mother's death. The heroine's first assignment goes off on a smash hit with the hero already making connections with people who avoided him due to his mafia background. The two start growing closer and closer with the hero showing his back marked with scars during the time he was tortured in a kidnapping. He reveals about his father abandoning him and his mother dying young to support him. He lived on the streets till rumors of him being rich got him kidnapped then was saved and taken into the care of his mafia grandfather. The hero and heroine become intimate and emotionally close. Then the heroine learns of the stepfather's death and his last words were her mother's name. Both hero and heroine decide to let the investigation end since the main suspect is dead. It terminates their contact and they separate on sad terms. Right when the hero is in a huge business meeting, he gets word that the heroine was arrested and leave immediately to help her. They sit down at a park bench and finally talk things over. He asks the heroine to marry him once more and she says yes. We end the story with the heroine walking down the aisle to the hero.

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