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Beatrice doesn’t trust the one man who cares most about her.

When her parents passed away six years ago, Beatrice gave up on her dreams to raise her brothers and sisters. Not only is she self-conscious about her appearance, but her family treats her like a servant. One night, while helping her sister with a party, she reunites with Elliot Chalmers, who tells her the painful truth—she isn’t being treated right. She tries to argue with him. She just can’t stand being around the man. If only she knew how Elliot really feels and that he and only wants what’s best for her.

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she needed a major confidence boost. 3  3

The heroine is really a big doormat in this one and a blind one at that too. The heroine lost her parents six years ago and became foster mother to six, yes not five but six with the half sister who is a true prat. A prat who needs a good deep immersion of self-housekeeping for 3 months. She bosses the heroine around into making her do additional housework at a separate house, can't say please or thank you for everything the heroine has done for her, and doesn't want her to meet the guests because she's not stylish from working to hard to provide good food for the prat's guests. If she has spoken to me like that, it would have been a straight shot to the bathroom with a bar of soap in her mouth. Unfortunately, the heroine takes it and only turns her ire on the hero who tells her not to give in babbling her siblings who all almost adults with the youngest being 17. The heroine pulls the excuse that family is everything but family shouldn't treat you like an indentured servant when you gave up your dreams like school. I mean the only two people in their entire extended family who are putting the heroine's feelings first are the hero and the younger sister who compliments on the heroine's body. Finally the hero takes action by telling the heroine that she's going out to dinner with him and one of the twins insults her. The hero takes her out and she immensely enjoys herself. And just when things are getting hot, the Prat screws it up not once but thrice. They do however get to have a nice lunch where the hero makes his intentions to marry the heroine. He sees a beautiful woman who lacks confidence. Now, they have coitus but the idiot hero leaves right after with the heroine still at her no confidence level. It gives the bad twin the perfect lie about the hero using her and she not worth crud. Unfortunately, no confidence woman buys it and the stupid possessive twin thinks sister will stay with them forever. Fortunately, it comes back to haunt him because the heroine leaves without notice with her boss to Italy. Where she meets a fabulous couple with the wife listening to her woes and giving to her insight on confidence. The heroine gets a new look and just when she's going out, the hero comes banging on her door. He demands she come back but she's mad over the france photo with another woman. She has another man pretend he's the new lover and the hero leaves but with lasting words that he won't give up. The next day, she heads to a villa where the hero is waiting for her. He got help from her boss and the other man after listening to him. He asks for an explanation and pulls her in for a kiss. He reveals her family falling apart since her departure, they have realized she's the glue. The hero tells the heroine that the evil twin expresses his regret for the lie, never thinking that she would leave them. Then the hero confesses his love and everything. The heroine expresses her love for the hero but her fear that it was wall fake. The two decide to get married and they do toot-sweet with a honeymoon. They come back home weeks later with happy smiles and mostly civil tongues. I love the "we were on our honeymoon" scene that shocked everyone. The ending scene was cute when they revealed the heroine was pregnant.

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