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He wants to marry for money. She wants to marry for love.

One rainy night—after two years of caring for her beloved mother have come to a tragic end—a surprise guest suddenly shows up at Bess’s house… The man at the door is a distant relative named Jude who convinces Bess to move to his farm in Texas. He only has one goal in mind. Jude wants to marry her in order to get the stock shares in his oil company that Bess’s mother left her. She used to dream of having Jude to herself, but now that he’s here and only wants to marry her for money, she’s deeply hurt and rejects his proposal. But then Bess starts to see the kind side of him, the side she used to know, and gradually starts to fall for him again…

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2.5 Why and could have been better 3  3

For me, I felt like this wasn't one of the best comics with the way it flows. The hero and heroine know each other as distant relatives and for the time that their parents dated and broke up in a bad way. This actually put a stint in any progressive romance. The time line is around per say is 6-7 years after the Vietnam war because the hero got custody of his daughter when she was three after leaving the Vietnam war and she seems to be around 9-10 years old now. They met once two years ago that ended up with the heroine publicly slapping the hero, paying her share of the meal then leaving him without a word. Why, well the hero deserved for the stupid thing he said. Two years ago, he rejected the heroine's help in raising his little tomboy girl because he said in a public restaurant that he doesn't want a woman who was raised by her mother (the heroine's mother) as in a strange woman to help in raising his daughter. What classifies her as a strange woman, dating his father before going back to the heorine's stepfather. That earned him a hearty slap and the heroine paying her share of the meal. During this separation, the heroine has played nurse and housekeeper for her sick mother, while the stepsister ran ran the travel the world. The woman wouldn't visit or send a card. Then three days after the mother dies from her illness, her will is read and it's not a joy for either hero and heroine. The mother has got 10% of the hero's stock and he needs it desperately to one up on a rival at work. Yet, the only way he's going to get it is if he marries the heroine. So, he drags the heroine from her home to marry him and she doesn't fight tooth or nail or even give the red sign "NO!". She can't seem to grasp the situation where she holds all the cards and the hero's leverage of what she gets in return for the marriage is having coitus with him isn't enough. I mean he has her house but didn't seem to lever up on that since he thinks he's so good in the sack that she'll forget it. Not only that, the guy never gave his condolences for her mother dying only three days ago. Now, the only people who have human empathy for the heroine is the housekeeper and the daughter because they gave their condolences to the heroine. We also learn that the hero and heroine were much closer before he went to war then found out in recovery that his fiancee left him to marry another man, while still pregnant with his child. The heroine starts making some positive changes to the places like setting up Christmas decorations since the hero never celebrated Christmas with his daughter (that's a cryin' shame). He's quite the scoorge but what irritates me is the heroine went to have coitus with the man on Christmas Eve, despite his attitude towards her. Just as it starts getting better, the stepsister drops in and hugs the hero first. Yeah, if I was the heroine then I wouldn't like it either. I also didn't like how he keeps on saying no matter time or place, how they wouldn't be together if it weren't for that will. The interactions between the hero and the stepsister put the heroine on edge because she's beautiful and the hero is only marrying (hasn't taken her to the courthouse yet) her for stock shares. She still has coitus with him, despite her fears. Then the heroine goes back to her old home and finds a letter from her mother that explains the will. She decides to face forward but when she comes back, she finds the hero and older sister in a tight embrace. The sight makes her break out in an angry, she doesn't listen to their explanations and trips down the stairs. She blacks out and wakes up to the doctor telling her she's pregnant. She thinks the whole angry outburst was the result of the pregnancy but it was more her own will bottling up those feelings for years. She also learns that both hero and sister have been waiting outside. The hero comes in first and apologizes to the heroine because he wanted her to feel jealous since he didn't know what her feelings were for him and that the sister only came to him for advice on her european noble. Then the sister comes in and apologizes for not being there during the time their mother was sick but states that she would never steal the heroine's husband and wants to start fresh with the heroine. A lot of things are cleared up, the hero and heroine confess their love and it's a happy ending. However, the story left a bitter taste for the majority of it.

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