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Jenny went to the country in search of peace, not passion!

After Jenny’s high-stress life as an interior designer in the big city ruins her health, she goes to a ranch in Texas to get back to nature and work as a housekeeper. But when she finally gets there, she doesn’t meet the person she was expecting. Instead she’s greeted by a burly and unsociable cowboy named Everett. When she asks to see the man who hired her, he tells her his brother died a week ago. Feeling pity for a girl who has nowhere else to go, Everett ultimately decides to honor his brother’s dying wish and hire Jenny.

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it was nice 3  3

The heroine takes up a housekeeping job in the rural countryside of the US after being released from the hospital from exhaustion of her high demand job of being a city interior decorator. However, once she gets there, she learns from the rough and tumble cowboy that his brother who hired just died last week. He still hires to the heroine after listening to her story. I wasn't so big on the large age difference by 12 years. If it had been just a decade then okay but not 12 years. The romance starts slowly because the 1) neither of them are looking for romance, 2) the hero doesn't want to fall for another city woman again (last one was a gold digger who ran at the sight of a cow pie dropping in front of her.) and 3) watching his mother leave his father for another man. Despite all that, love blooms through conversations, horse rides and more. However, they do have their differences; for example, the heroine suggests a coat of paint and he gives a hard no. The hero evens calls the heroine's line of work a bunch of swindlers who overcharge. Although, it's cute of how he apologizes but handing her some hand picked flowers with consent to paint the walls. Next, the heroine hears about the hero having to give up a prized bull that his brother worked hard to get since money is tight. She takes an extra job as an interior decorator and gives the wages to him. In his stupid pride, the hero rejects it all and kicks the heroine out. Three months pass and the heroine has been working herself to the bone in order to forget the hero till he comes knocking on her company's door for her to do an interior job. The hero sold the oil rights, which he stubbornly refused since a large piece of machinery would ruin the natural scenery. It's a cat and dog between those two and the heroine only goes along with the hero's terms since he mentions how it may affect the heroine's employer's business. The moment the heroine steps back in to the hero's house, it turns into a cat and mouse game for all. The heroine is given an advantage of learning the hero's miserable state after she left from a reliable source. The hero really plays hardball with the heroine into getting to confess her love with him. He has her create a nursery and then starts dancing around with another girl at a party. Despite the fact he got the results, I wasn't really big on his taunting method with the heroine. With some of the things he said with the position she was in, I would have kneed him in the groin. When the heroine confesses her love, he stops and takes her down to a proper setting. He asks the heroine to marry him and gives this great apology speech to where I'm thinking, "why didn't he start with that?". The heroine accepts his proposal and we get an ending page with them and their kids all together. The story was nice in a way but the age different and the hero's overbearing method of taunting just didn't float my boat.

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