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As with even the finest perfume, you’ll eventually fade away from me.

Holly, an amateur perfumer, has scored a meeting at a big cosmetics firm in the hopes of selling her original perfume. Once in the office of the CEO, she meets Drago, a man with the kind of looks and scent that make women fall instantly in love. Unfortunately for her, the CEO is also auditioning for a new advertising campaign, and somehow she’s been cast as the model! Without a moment to explain the misunderstanding, she finds herself pulled in by Drago’s piercing eyes and they wind up spending the night together. And, on top of everything, the next day Drago has the gall to ask Holly to leave!

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You know when you’re asking someone how would they rate or what’s their opinion on something and they give you the flat hand that shakes a little? Yeah, that’s my opinion of this whole story. We got the heroine who’s fighting for her dream job of being a professional perfumer (new job title for the heroine), even though she has no official schooling. The best thing she can do is advertise her own bottle of perfume to a particular company like the hero’s. She arrives at the man’s company and is mistaken by its CEO who’s also the hero as a model candidate. The woman doesn’t realize that till they arrived at the photoshoot and somehow loses any words to correct the misunderstanding. She doesn’t take initiative to say at the photoshoot, “Hey, there’s a misunderstanding” or at the restaurant, “I’m sorry this is late but I didn’t come for the model gig”. This is all the heroine’s fault because she knew there was a misconception and didn’t think to reveal the truth. I mean, it’s not considered inappropriate to show your perfume bottle at the dinner table. Just do it before or after the plates are taken away. Unfortunately, it’s not until the morning after, AFTER she has sexual intercourse with the guy that she reveals the truth and starts her little advertisement. Right there, the hero blows his top with good reason. We get later in the story of his background where his paternal family side chased out his mother and him. His mother & him never stayed in the same place, always having to go back to his Uncle’s house to demand money where they would be chased off. Then his mother left him at his uncle’s gates and he suddenly went from nobody wanting anything to do with him to everyone wanting something from him. No wonder his changing environment led him into carrying huge trust issues. Yeah, he reacted badly and cut contact with her. It’s why he never got word that she was pregnant with his child. They don’t see each other for about 2 years till they run into each other again. By then, the hero corners the heroine into being his company’s model again. The heroine caves since she needs the money and lies about her son’s age to keep the hero from knowing. They start conversing, learning about each other’s backgrounds. Things get better as we go along the story, they even make a positive impression on a big perfume critic. They finally go back to being intimate and suddenly are hit with the curveball. The heroine is seen by one of the hero’s biggest rivals in an attempt to persuade her in joining his company. During this encounter, the little boy catches a fever and is rushed to the hospital by the hero. He finds the little boy’s passport and sees the real age of the boy. He realizes he’s the daddy and his mistrust radar soars. Once the heroine comes back with the smell of the rival’s perfume on her wrist cuff, it skyrockets through the roof. A fight breaks out and ends with the heroine leaving with their son. The hero finds out the heroine was telling the truth about her attempts to contact him about her pregnancy and even the rival comes forward to tell the hero about the heroine refusing his job offer. The hero realizes his mistake, coming to the realization that he loves the heroine and his son. So, he puts out this worldwide search and finds them after weeks of search tirelessly. He pours his heart out to the heroine and confesses his love for her. She accepts his love and proclaims she loves him too. We skip a half year later to their wedding and announcement that the heroine is pregnant again. The storyline was okay but some of the pieces just didn’t float my boat.

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