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The desert king doesn’t love her, but he sets her heart and body on fire.

Polly goes to the desert kingdom of Dharia to look for her father. However, in the airport, she’s summarily seized and taken to the palace. There she meets the handsome King Rashad. His sharp eyes and dignified stature make Polly’s heart race. Then, while she’s staying at the palace, he suddenly proposes. Polly, whose heart has been captured by him, agrees to marry, but their relationship is merely a practical affair. To Rashad, the marriage fulfills a royal duty. Still, Polly believes that one day her love will reach him…

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The heroine gets news of her distant mother's death and the unexpected news that she has a third sister. Her mother was an international nanny who was unable to take care of her children along with other children in her charge. The first two came from different men and they went to her mother but the third was put up for adoption because her grandmother was unable to take another. The only thing the heroine was given from her mother was a ring and the name of her birth father. She travels to the desert to learn more about her father but gets a real surprise when she's pulled aside security then meets the Sheikh all because of the ring. It turns out the ring is a family heirloom that was lost in a coup de tact that killed most of the hero's family. He survived and took back the throne. It is speculated that the hero and heroine are related but his royal adviser clears the rumors by stating his son was the heroine's biological father but when he and his wife were against them marrying. The mother left before the coup de tact and father got killed during the coup de tact. Now, the heroine's paternal grandparents want to make up for lost time. The heroine's okay with it but the hero gives the heroine a real shock. Given the ring's history and return has the masses believing the heroine is some reincarnation of a beloved queen and should marry the hero. It plays in the council and hero's plan of him having remarry. The hero asks for the heroine's hand and she falls fast and hard. She says yes and in a short time, she marries the hero. We also get to see the next couple in the next book. Then things take go south for a bit with the hero talking about the whole "heir" thing but their honeymoon helps in building a bond. He opens up about his past and his first marriage deteriorating when they discovered she couldn't have a child. He does apologize for the "heir" bit and things progress positively. Later, the heroine discovers she's pregnant but an obstacle arises. It puts the hero and heroine at odds for a short time but misunderstandings are cleared with the two confessing their love. We skip to the heroine and hero with their new baby and reaffirming their love. It was a nice story with a decent ending.

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