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When Athena tried to marry for love, it backfired, so why shouldn’t she marry for money this time?

Athena discovers that her fiancé is cheating on her on the day they are to be married, and runs away in her wedding dress. She then falls from the second story of the venue and is caught by world-famous fashion designer Luca. But when they are seen together, a scandal arises. Luca’s own fiancée thinks that he ran away with the bride and breaks off their engagement. But Luca won’t be able to inherit his grandmother’s fortune unless he’s married by his thirty-fifth birthday. Which is why he then turns to Athena, offering her one million dollars for a yearlong fake marriage!

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The heroine and hero met at her sister's wedding where they shared a kiss but both were committed to marrying their fiancees. That is until the heroine caught her groom rolling in the hay with one of the groomsmen. She runs off and ends up falling into the hero's arms. Then his fiancee comes in and misunderstands the whole situation and calls off their own wedding. The heroine feels horrible about he whole thing and the hero tells her that she owes him even if the marriage was only a business merger because he needs to be married by the time he's 35 or as it states in his grandmother's will that he'll lose his family home. The heroine goes for it since her ex fiancee already has spun a web of lies about the dissolved marriage happening because she ran off with her "lover" (the hero). Plus, she agrees only to the marriage if he gives her a million. The hero agrees and they get married via Las Vegas. However, they have a lot to fight in order to make the marriage look real thanks to the hero's ex-fiancee's media outburst. They do have an obstacle with the heroine against the bedroom activity. The two head back to the hero's home where they want to connect more and more but they hold themselves back. Then the heroine sees the hero going behind closed doors with another woman. She discovers and learns from the hero that she's the caretaker for his daughter who has a degenerative disease that was inherited from the hero. Although, we don't learn that till later. For now, the heroine and daughter immediately take to each other and it warms the hero's heart. The heroine is able to trust the hero with the bit of information as to why she refrains from coitus was the fact she was groped by a family friend and she couldn't tell her family. The hero is comforting and waits for her to take initiative.They go see the heroine's sister and the hero is given the hard choice. He's told not to hurt the heroine but then there's talk of them having kids. He tells the heroine that he's ending their contract because he can't give her kids. He reveals the tidbit from earlier, the guilt got him a vasectomy, and he can't give her children. He tells the heroine to go and she doesn't want to because she loves the hero but he pushes her out with hard force with his statement that he doesn't love her. She goes off with a stream of tears streaking her face. She hides out at the orphanage she funded and tries to move on from the hero. The hero and his daughter feel the pain from the heroine's lack of presence. He finds himself unable to live without the heroine and goes on a big search for her since the heroine's sister wouldn't help him. He does find her and admits he was wrong. He proclaims his love to the heroine and wants her back in his life. She accepts his love and says they have his daughter and all the children at the orphanage to be their kids. However, it's a harlequin romance and vasectomies can fail.

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