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The passion of one sweet night with the prince left Cara with a gift beyond value…

Cara has always lived a simple life. One day she bumps into a man named Mike at the park. He makes her heart flutter and they spend a sweet night together. But when she wakes, he’s gone, and Cara spends the days that follow nursing her broken heart. She’s sure that she’ll never see him again. Several months later, when she goes to the country of Eliason to help her friend prepare for her wedding, she meets Mike at the airport. There, she learns the shocking truth. He’s actually Prince Michael, her friend’s older brother and the next in line for the throne!

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What the other didn't know 4  4

The heroine has traveled to another country for the weddings of her two closest friends. She's currently trying to forget her one night stand with a mysterious stranger that has left her a package. Imagine her shock when the one of the friends' brother who is the crown prince turns out to be her one night stand. While, she's shocked and anxious, he's all ecstatic because he's finally found his mystery woman that he has spent months looking for ever since she disappeared from the hotel room. I did like that we get to see both perspectives of hero and heroine in this harlequin romance. There is a fainting spell they clear up the hotel misunderstanding between the two. The heroine doesn't plan on letting the hero know she's pregnant with his baby, despite he's quick on rekindling the romance. Now, for most of the book, the heroine pulls all kinds of reasons and excuses of why she and the hero don't go together. Before the baby reveal, she uses the excuse that they come from different worlds with he being a prince and she a bookstore owner. She tries to keep her distance but the hero goes after her because 1) he wants to know why she's ignoring him, 2) he gets from another source that she watches him, and 3) he wants her. For a moment, the heroine does change her mind about telling the hero but the moment he reveals he knew from earlier has her resisting the words. She tries to deny his paternity but he is able to get to admit the truth. She pulls the different social classes reason and he pulls marriage. However, the heroine refuses but doesn't give the big reason as to why of believing he doesn't love her. She refuses any kind of help and marriage and he asks why, to which she answers it's because he's a prince. The next few days, they spend apart and during this time, she meets individual who regals his tale of losing his love for many decades because he didn't say what was in his heart. There are a couple of misunderstandings with the heroine jumping to the wrong conclusion about the hero but he clears it up and starts working to prove to the heroine that they can make this marriage work. He does a pretty good job with inviting her for royal outing to read to the orphanage. I especially found the baby book scene incredibly intimate and sweet. It actually brought the heroine to tears and she states she won't marry the hero but will stay in the same country. Next, the friends find out about the heroine's pregnancy and their sensible questions knock down the heroine's flimsy excuses. Later, the Individual is reunited with his first love and her response is similar to the heroine's of shutting him out. The hero and heroine get to see the big fight and big reconciliation between the Individual and his first where they believed the other didn't love them the way they did. The hero and heroine finally have a similar fight that changes when the hero says "I love you" to the heroine. She reveals she didn't know he loved her and he proposes again with her saying "I love you too" and yes. We end the story with a triple wedding. Then the last page showing the hero, heroine, and their newborn baby.

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Such a cute and lovely story. 5  5

The prince is so loving. The ending is so cute ❤.

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