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One night’s bliss has turned into a precious new life…

Nate stole Tess’s heart the first time she saw him in a tux, which is how she ended up spending a night of passion with him. Six weeks later, she tells him that their wonderful night together has blessed her with a little life, but he refuses to believe the child is his. Tess is hurt after he rejects her and begins to regret the night they spent together. However, Nate later shows up at her place, having decided to pursue her. Tess briefly considers giving in to his advances, but she can’t just let him have his way this time. So instead she overcomes the pain in her own heart and lies, telling him the pregnancy test was incorrect…

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one night reunion to eternity 3  3

The hero and heroine have a one night stand with a nine month countdown. The heroine freaks out when she sees that plus sign on the pregnancy test. She's processing the whole thing with great fears since the whole pregnancy thing leads her to believe that she hasn't changed since her rebel teenage years. I did like that she goes to the hero with the news. He takes from a previous bad experience with a woman he once loved proclaiming to be pregnant with his child but it was a lie. He rejects he's the father and from then on, the heroine has all walls high up against him. Her walls and "no part in the heart" attitude towards him goes on for most of the book. It takes a talk with a friend/family for him to realize condoms aren't always affective and tries to patch things up with the heroine. We see flashbacks of the heroine's past whose relationship with her father went sour after her mother died. They were unable to comfort and connect in their grief that led to the heroine living with her aunt and never rebuilding her relationship with her father. She actually uses her broken relationship with her father as a reason why her child doesn't need one. So, the hero goes to talk with the heroine; 1st) she lies to him about being pregnant till he discovers her lies, 2nd) she refuses all kinds of help, and 3rd) shuts out his attorney for financial talk. Their fights escalate so bad that his lawyer pulls his arbitrator attitude to make them sit down and talk things out like adults (smart move and would have done it too). Both are pretty stubborn but the hero is able to convince her to come live with him. When she reaches his house and meets his friend, she notes a similarity between the two. He opens up that they found out they were half brothers when he was ten and the friend was 12 when they eavesdropped on their grandfather and father. The hero couldn't understand but the friend did In his anger and torment he beat up the hero then his mother when she stopped him from beating up on the hero. The heroine can see they share the sad past of being estranged from their parents. During the next few days to weeks, the hero goes to great efforts to earn the heroine's trust from flowers to Chopin music for the baby. She opens up about her rebel past and he comforts her as her raw emotions have her break down in tears. Yet, the heroine still has trouble with believing the hero's kindness for her isn't for the baby till her friend knocks it in her head not to hold back. During this time, the friend/brother talks to the hero who flashbacks to his first love of a girl with a rose tattoo he met in jail. Right then, the heroine reveals that it's her and shows the tattoo. They confess their love and work to make their relationship right. We end this story with the hero and heroine cuddling over their new baby boy and the heroine able to move forward in forgiving both her father and herself.

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