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Had she known why Brett was marrying her, she wouldn’t have said yes!

When nineteen-year-old Nicola’s father passed away, she married his business partner, Brett. She’d always had feelings for him, so when they married, she was over the moon. But her happiness didn’t last. It seems that Nicola’s father arranged the marriage before his death because he was worried that men would come after her for her money. The whole wedding was arranged just to protect her. As time passes, she knows that it’s futile to wish for a true, passionate marriage with Brett, and with her twenty-first birthday approaching, she’ll soon be able to give him back his ring and break things off…

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realistically dull 2  2

The story was downright dull and boring. I mean some of the things felt realistic but I felt they were incredibly ridiculous. It starts out with the heroine going to a marriage counselor about divorce her husband soon since their marriage expiration date is coming up. Out of all the things that the divorce lawyer suggested after listening to what the heroine told him about her marriage was of convenience in order to protect her. In what way did she need protection? The hero and heroine met when she was 10 and he was a 22 year old green horn in the working world. He was taken under the heroine's father's wing and it meant a big deal. He went from big brother to big crush for the heroine with him getting married, having kids then getting divorced from his ex-wife who didn't care about her kids. Then when the heroine turned nineteen, her father fell ill and asked the hero to look out for the heroine since men will be after her for her fortune. She overhears them of course but they don't know that. After the father died, the hero brought up the marriage of convenience for her (still don't see how this benefits her) and for his kids to have a "mother". Yet, the kids don't call her mom because she doesn't sleep in the same bedroom as their dad. The heroine doesn't have to cook because he has a housekeeper and she doesn't need to spend all hours of the day because they have a babysitter. She thinks the marriage is his way "protecting" her and she goes along with it. So, the hero has basically isolated a nineteen year old girl from going back to college, giving her chance at worldly experience, and such. I mean what is wrong with saying, "Stay with us for the while since we see you as family" or "let me hire you as a live-in babysitter". What the heck were you thinking, with matrimonially binding the girl??? The heroine is partially responsible because she could have said no but again she was only a vulnerable teenager at the time. After hearing all of this, the counselor comes up with a test of the heroine testing the hero to see if he would be jealous if the heroine was showing interest in OM or vice versa. It would help the hero realize the feelings he has for the heroine that he never realized that he had? The heroine doesn't believe him and goes home. We see the heroine's family life where we see she wants to be the hero's wife but the way he treats similar to a daughter or a sister. Later, she gets embarrassed by one of the kids who reveals their family life style to a barbecue but it gets better when OM shows interest in her work. Sadly, the hero doesn't show much support, stating the OM only showing interest in her monetary amount. The needed fight only flickers then dies. Later, the heroine meets the OW who has her eye on the hero because news of their paper marriage reached everyone's ears. Things start to escalate but it dies down again. Afterward, the hero tells the heroine that the ex is coming by. Things become a whirlwind in the next couple of pages; the hero and heroine meet the OM then the OW comes in. The hero and OW go out of the room, only for the hero come back in right when the OM is confessing his love to the heroine. Then the cherry on top is the Ex barging her way in with OW standing right there. No cat fight breaks out of course. Then the heroine sees the hero, Ex, and the kids smiling all together. She feels ousted and when the hero gives her the opportunity to open up like she did with the counselor, she goes off another subject. Hero reveals his disgust when he tells the heroine about the Ex wanting to patch up their relationship because she found out about their marriage being in name only. The hero of course doesn't want to get back together with OW because he knows she's not committed and follows what she wants. The heroine only makes it worse by suggesting to try again. This leads to a passionate confrontation that ends with her "NO". She leaves the hero to deal with the Ex the next morning and meets the OM. She realizes that in pulling the OM into making the hero jealous, she hurt an innocent man. She tells the hero that she's leaving him. Before anything can be said, the hero leaves for work. On the heroine's birthday, he comes back from his out of town business trip. He tells her that he finally figured out the OW's advances and rejected them as well as the fact he's no way getting back together with the Ex. He has the heroine but she reveals about her eavesdropping on the conversation. He says he fell in love with the heroine when she told him to patch things up with the Ex. He didn't want to let her go but didn't think he was worthy for her with the 12 year age difference and him being a divorcee with kids. The heroine throws herself in his arms, confessing her love. When the clock strikes 12, the hero gives a great proposal with an engagement ring and they become one. Next morning, everyone gives the heroine a surprise birthday like the Ex. She apologizes to the heroine for her selfish actions and gives her blessing to the hero and heroine's union. We end the story with another kiss but by then, I just felt dissatisfied.

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