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He invited me to his castle to tempt me into his bed?

Beth, the manager of a riding academy, comes to Egypt to buy her dream horse. She finds the ideal horse, but it’s out of her price range. Soon after, Beth ends up traveling to a castle owned by Moroccan prince Uzziah. Beth stays with Uzziah in the hopes of obtaining one of the first-rate horses he raises, but she doesn't realize that the real reason he invited her to his castle was so that he could seduce her into his bed!

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she said no and he got interested 3  3

The heroine with her measly 50,000 (yes, it's measly when you're trying to buy a top of the line Arabian horse) heads off the buy a horse that will hopefully save her riding academy. The heroine took some big risks with coming to a different culture in order to get a horse. Sadly, all the good ones are out of her budget's range then she makes a big mistake with yanking the pony tail of a higher up guy. Sadly, the heroine doesn't use caution when another guy entices to look at a bunch of horses, only to attempt to steal her bag of cash and involve her in horse wrestling. A bittersweet moment is the heroine getting saved by from the horse thieves but ends up in the clutches of the hero who first declares her as a horse thief. He even manipulates her into staying because she rejects and all and he wants to "tame the mare" or something like that. The heroine has a big chip on her shoulder from being rejected by lovers and upset about the "harem" thing. Unfortunately, the hero gets the heroine to stay of her own will when she's given a chance to see beautiful area horses. They are able to see that they share a deep love for horses who became part of their emotional rock. He tries to seduce to the heroine but having her parrot servant words about him not liking women nor having a harem stops things. Then there's the horse in labor and they share a special moment of rubbing down the newborn foal. The hero gets her to bet on race that if he wins then he gets her or if she wins then he'll send her the best horse free of charge. Obviously the hero win and gets the heroine who agrees to the whole thing. I wasn't at all big on the bedroom scene, it didn't feel right. However, the heroine learns after the fact that the hero doesn't have a harem is because he doesn't stay with the same woman. It stems all from the fact of how miserable his english mother was in a harem as well as mistreated him. Then the hero sends one of his men to give the heroine a check. However, the heroine angrily refuses it since it's an insult and it surprises the hero when he gets word. He tries giving her a horse but she refuses it too in anger, stating she only wanted the hero's heart. The hero doesn't give in and tells her to get out. Next, the heroine gets kidnapped by the same horse thieves and she doesn't believe the hero will come to save her. She becomes surprised when the hero comes riding in with a stampede of horses. He reveals that he can't live without her and wants her to stay. She says yes and we have the ending.

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