Pure Romance REBEL BRIDE

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What do I do? I came here to sort out my feelings, but now I’m in love!

Caron, a spoiled young lady who is a lawyer, is having her wedding in one week. Her fiancé cheated on her, but she can’t call off her wedding just because of that. She uses her work as an excuse to visit Canada. Unexpectedly, her client, Ewan, attracts her attention, his deep blue eyes wanting to know the truth…

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little romance 2  2

The harlequin comic is listed under genre of "Pure romance" but I found little of it to be romantic until maybe the very end. The heroine has dealt a lot in the week from not only finding out that her fiancee is cheating on her but that he's blackmailing her into marrying him or he goes public with a document that would destroy her fathers. She only has a week and wants to run away, even heads to another country to do an inheritance notification. Of course, she loses the key to the briefcase to the documents. Then she meets the hero who's hard headed and a pain. Her intentions are misunderstood by everyone who thinks she's a gold digger and not a lawyer. She ends up staying at the hero's home and housekeeping for her stay because she didn't bring enough money for a hotel. I found it incredibly silly of her but she works hard in cleaning the place. Unfortunately, the hero's hard attitude doesn't help her in revealing until half through the book that her fiancee is blackmailing her into marrying him. Before that, he show a bit of a softer side of taking her out riding as a thank you for cleaning his scummy kitchen. Sadly, his negotiations skills are subpar when it comes to the heroine like throwing her into a water trough. Once, the inheritance business is over, the heroine heads back home but gets a surprise when the hero follows her behind. He has everyone wrapped around his finger with the exception of the fiancee who he kicked into the fountain. Then the night before the wedding, the hero sneaks into the bedroom and tells the heroine to wait for him, while he helps her get out of the marriage. Of course, the two have coitus but the heroine wakes up to being the only one in the bed. She thinks the hero only used her and gets ready for the wedding. Things look grim till the priest says, "If anyone has any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace.". The hero comes in on cue with evidence that the groom was already married and it was the woman he was cheating with. It turns out the whole thing is a scam because the man got greedy. The hero also brings proof that this isn't the first time both husband and wife have scammed before and will go to jail for it. The hero and heroine go out of the church and that's the end. The whole thing for me, just wasn't worth the points.

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