Historical Romance LORD SIN

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A man proposes to a woman from a lower social class! What is he playing at?

In nineteenth-century England, Mary, the daughter of a reverend, is left all alone after his death, with no one to depend on. While worrying about the future, before her appears Ian, the much-talked-about rake of high society and the son of an earl. Mary is put off by his flippant attitude, but Ian can’t stop thinking about this woman from a lower class and asks for her hand in marriage! 

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very nice. 4  4

The heroine and hero meet only a few weeks after the heroine's father death and with the heroine figuring out how she's going to support herself since she lives in an age where there are few self supporting prospects for a woman like her. She makes an impression on him when rejecting his flirts and seeing how she's being optimistic towards her shaky future. The heroine gets a summary that the hero's life hasn't always been filled with easy women; his mother died giving birth to him, his older brother died when he was a teen (right around the time he started being a playboy) and he has an estranged relationship with his father. Not to mention his hobby also provides him with income and he apologizes to the heroine for his brash flirting. Then he surprises her with more flirting and she scolds him for his behavior. She even uses his nickname, which nobody has ever told him face to face. So, he proposes marriage to her the next day; something that just isn't done. One thing leads to another and the hero gets the heroine to agree to a shotgun wedding in order to make sure that no one can deny their marriage like his nobleman father. When they arrive at the hero's home and he announces the heroine's title, there's a lot of tensity in the room. This is especially so since there's the OW who's been promised by the hero's father that she'll marry the hero and has been waiting for two years to do so. Sadly, the hero places an odd amount of distance between the heroine and himself with the heroine not having a clue as to why. As time goes by, the heroine manages to get on the good side of the hero's father when she fights back on him not to diss her father's roses. It turns out they share a love for roses that their dead loved ones took special care of like the hero's mother. The heroine can see despite the distance and harsh words exchanged between the hero and his father, that there are misunderstandings that need to be cleared. Sadly, the hero won't even broach the subject since he believes his father sees him as a curse for taking a two beloved family members; mother we know of and he was with his brother when the carriage overturned. Then the heroine and hero's relationship takes a turn for the worse when she overhears the hero and father in a heated argument and the hero admitting to marrying the heroine to spite the father. She runs out and is then pushed by a mysterious figure down the flight of stairs. The heroine survives and wakes up to the hero's pale and relieved face. Yet, she wants nothing to do with him now and he has to work in order to prove that he married her for her and not to use her. The incident does give the opportunity for the heroine and the hero's father to talk. He opens up about trying to leave roses in the hero's room for years as a sign that his mother loved him but the hero never got the message (because nobody told him the meaning.) Then he reveals his great mistake about after the carriage incident and the brother's death, the father questioned the hero's words on it being the brother being the driver and not the hero. Ergo facto= accusing the hero of killing heir and brother. The father comments that he sees the way the hero looks at the heroine and hopes she can help him find peace. The hero and heroine still have bumps, but she manages to convince him to talk to his father. Their talk finally releases the tension and pain, giving a start to healing a broken bond. Only during this time, the heroine is held at gunpoint by the OW who not only reveals her plan or killing the heroine to marry the hero herself but admitting she pushed the heroine down the stairs the first time. They fight and a fire breaks out in the barn. The heroine saves the OW and wakes up to the hero's face. They go over the OW who confesses to the hero of her actions but the heroine sticks up for the OW. Then the hero and heroine finally have that talk. They confess their love and have another wedding since the father wasn't there for their first one. It was really a nice ending.

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