Historical Romance THE DARK DUKE

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She was a plain wallflower at parties. Then suddenly she is sought after by two gorgeous gentlemen…

Hester lives as a companion to the marquise at Barroughby Hall. Compared to her beautiful sisters who lead flamboyant lives, Hester is plain, has no plans to get married and has been living like she’s retired. One day, Adrian, the stepson of the marquise, known as the scandalous “Dark Duke,” and his stepbrother, Elliot, return. There is no chance that a plain woman like her would ever be noticed by either of them—that’s how Hester feels when a miracle occurs. Both beautiful men are passionately after her.

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She had sense. 5  5

The heroine has been hired as the companion/secretary of the hero's bossy, snarky, and snobby stepmother. As to why, we learn her family sent her there in hopes that she'll grow more social and stop being such a wallflower. However, the heroine has resigned herself to the title of wall flower since she doesn't carry the beauty of her two older sisters and has been reminded countless times. Then she learns the Lord/hero is coming home, causing the stepmother to have a tantrum. She pulls out all the bad things about the hero but a lot of them come from words of other people. Although, it's mentioned later that part of it comes from the fact that he's the one holding the purse strings when she was the previous duke's last wife. The heroine manages to make an impression on the hero when she talks back to the stepmother over the hero's injury. The hero also sees that the heroine is holding herself back from wanting more in life. We also get to see the brother is returning home; the stepmother's little angel who doesn't have a speck of dirt on his character. The brother comes in and pulls out the charisma on the heroine but she remains unshaken and it shakes him. Both men warn the heroine to watch out for the other. However, it's the hero who warns the heroine not to trust both brothers but the brother slanders the hero. The heroine doesn't know but the brother is only going for her like a child who sees another child playing with a toy. Plus, he also just wants to annoy the hero. However, the heroine sees the hero is a fair and smart man who cares for his tenants and sees the malicious intentions of others. The hero compliments the heroine on her inner and outer beauty, seeing that she's a wonderful woman even if she doesn't see it. However, the hero keeps accompanying the brother to a OW's house and the heroine thinks it's because she's beautiful but the hero has been secretly chaperoning since he knows that the bad rumors as of recent are really his brother who has been identifying himself as the hero. The brother can see the hero is attracted to the heroine and decides to propose to the heroine in order to spite the hero. The heroine is shocked and with the hero's lack of words, she decides to leave the duke's home. During her packing, she realizes that she's fallen in love with the hero and decides to see him. In the middle of the night, she lets him know her plans of departure and reveal her feelings for him. The hero can't believe that this wonderful woman loves him and opens up about his past and how he got the name, "The Dark Duke". When the heroine figures out it's been the brother, she tells the hero to open his eyes and have the brother take responsibility or he will never change. Her words reach him and he confesses his love on her. The next morning, the brother forces himself on the heroine but the hero manages to stop him in time. They fight and the heroine sees that the brother is tired about being treated as a child; yet, he's never taken initiative to show he's matured. Seeing the brothers fight over her, irritates the heroine so much. I loved this scene where she tells him that she is marrying neither of them. She really surprises the two but I supported her decision. She heads back home and stays there in a mopey mood. That is until the hero comes by to propose to her once again. He reveals that the brother has left, he's reflected on his selfishness, and that he loves the heroine. He asks the heroine to be his wife and she says, "I will make you happy". Then we get an epilogue of them with their kids. It was a very good story.

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