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This sadness I feel when he treats me coldly... Is this love?

It is a Thorneloe family tradition for women to get their portrait painted when they turn twenty-one. Arabella, repulsed by her father, couldn't care less about this tradition. But when she's told that Zoltán, a world-renowned Hungarian artist, will be painting her, Arabella finds herself intrigued by his home country. Deciding it would be a good idea to stay away from her father for a while, Arabella travels to Hungary. But Zoltán continually gives her the cold shoulder and refuses to start working on her portrait! What is going on in the mind of this temperamental artist?

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it's a headache 2  2

This whole books is one of those beat-around-the bush, merry arounds, hot potato stories that don't intrigue but just drive you nuts. And this is especially from the hero who would have been a great comedian if being an artist didn't work out. The heroine leaves for Hungary to get her portrait done by orders of her father. Frankly, she just wants to get out of the house since it's become a war zone. Her father and brother are at odds since he revealed getting his girlfriend/fiancee pregnant and the father is so furious over their image being dragged through the mud that he's demanding the woman get an abortion. Of course the brother is going to fight him over it. The heroine meets the hero and is put off by his attitude towards her but he's barely scratched the surface. This guy is all over the place for both knowing the heroine when he met her when she was five and he was 20 to not knowing if he's just going to be the same as all the other models. Then fighting off his attraction for a girl who's 15 years younger than man but yet he wants to be with her desperately. Lastly, it's the whole how he's a noble and must be snooty since she doesn't have a job. The heroine is at a loss on how to handle the man, despite the fact she's one of the best guests one could ask for with not only helping with the household chores but engaging in broken language conversations with the hero's staff. She actually manages to impress the hero with not being a sheltered rich girl but someone who has donated many hours in volunteer work that has given her the world experience she needs. He finds himself in bad situation with all the fibbing he's been doing. A week passes and the hot potato situation becomes too much for the heroine. She decides to leave the hero but finds herself unable because she has suddenly fallen in love with him. Then comes the passion scenes and it's so bad it's almost comical. In fact, that's one of the few things I would recommend worth renting to see. Then comes to hearing the one side of the phone conversation and we can see the hero wants to ask but his choice of words is poor. I mean whatever happened to,"what happened? you were giving congratulations." That would have sparked the conversation of,"That was my brother and he's getting married.". However, it's a conversation that only leaves a bad taste in each other's mouths. Things finally come to a close with the hero's very big, "I'm in love with you" confession and it's an original. The truth comes out and the heroine confesses her love to the hero. They get their happy ending and I get my aspirin. I admit that there are some good comedy stuff but with everything listed at the beginning, it was a little much for me.

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