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He doubts and distrusts her, which is why he’s proposed marriage!

Sara’s parents have just passed away. Now, saddled with a large amount of debt, she must sell everything she owns in order to pay it off. With no place left to go, Sara and her sickly brother, Tom, turn to their grandmother, Alice, for help. Alice welcomes them warmly, but Luke, who was once married to Alice’s other granddaughter, distrusts Sara. He believes that she is after Alice’s fortune, so he decides to marry Sara as punishment. Sara, who is drawn to Luke, reluctantly accepts the marriage, hoping that one day Luke will feel the same way she does.

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It's a bit of a long review 3  3

The storyline was alright even with the jerky hero. It all starts out when the hero and his grandmother-in-law read the papers that notifies them of the heroine's father and stepmother's death. The grandmother wants to see the heroine but the hero vetoes it since the woman has never responded to any of the grandmother's letters or gifts. It's because she was against the heroine's mother marrying the guy; plus the heroine was a child when the mother died. She didn't know the grandmother but the father who despised the woman for declaring him not good enough for her daughter would have most likely intercepted the mail. The heroine is facing heavy hardships for any woman in her twenties; from being the free babysitter/foster mom of her 8 year old asthmatic brother (stupid father was so focused on spending luxury items and fancy vacations for the spoiled mom and spoiled step daughter) that he would leave the heroine countless time to take care of him, dealing with a spoiled sister who's upset about living with her asthmatic brother not thinking how it must feel for an eight year old to lose his parents, and having no money in the bank after paying off all the debts that her father left her. With no help, the spoiled sister suggests they go see the heroine's grandmother without giving a call. I was disappointed in the heroine for following through that idea and the fact she didn't take a lot of initiative like getting a job despite her father delaying "Work? Then who would clean the house?". The whole thing actually puts the heroine in the bad light by the hero, especially when the sister throws her under the bus about the no notice call was the heroine's idea. The heroine is completely suspicious of the heroine because 1) her timing is too coincidental since the grandmother suffered a medical problem, 2) she never contacted the grandmother, and 3) he has prejudice against young woman like the heroine. The irony is that he can't see how the sister keeps throwing herself all over him and even knows his rich status. After an asthma attack, the heroine and the little boy stay there where the heroine suffers under the glares and accusations of the hero. The hero is a hot potato who yells at the heroine for taking the grandmother out as the credit card for clothes to him noticing the happier changes around a well cleaned house and a maintained garden. Then the sister pokes her nose in again and spout lies about the heroine being a gold digger with the hero actually believing and telling the heroine. And this is all after he pulls her into a passionate kiss and that's just the icing. The cake is when they are caught in a weird position and the hero tells the heroine they should lie and make the grandmother believe they're getting married and this marriage is the heroine's punishment for setting the scene. In that moment, I wanted the heroine to give the guy the big N-O because she can REJECT him but she just goes along with it. She doesn't go straighten it with the grandmother or anything. They go through the stupid wedding, the hero finds out he deflowered the heroine, and can't make heads or tails of it. The sister comes back in a huff and throws a lot of insults at the heroine. The heroine finally gives it to the sister straight about her bullying and to get it together. Next, the hero takes the heroine to a party where he introduces her as his wife. He's finally realized that the heroine is a diamond in the rough and he's done botched it up with his words and biased thinking. He tells the heroine that he's annulling their marriage as a form of apology since he called their marriage her punishment. He opens up to her about his life without a family and how the grandmother's other granddaughter only married him for money and status and she did it by the pregnancy trick (then she aborted and confessed it wasn't even his). Then how the her death brought the hero and the grandmother together as a family, so he wanted to protect the one person who showed him love. Now, he feels immense guilt for what he's done and neither confess their love for each other. He leaves and she finds out she's pregnant. She also learns the grandmother suspected the marriage facade. Later, the hero pops up out of nowhere with news he's moving there permanently and wants a second chance with the heroine. He gives a pretty good speech and I was impressed. The heroine says yes and we get our epilogue: hero and heroine stay married and have twins. Grandmother and brother are happy and the sister has a better attitude.

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