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They share friendship and sex, but now Piper wants more…

Piper, an interior decorator, and Zephyr, a Greek multimillionaire, are good friends—partners both in business and in bed. Though their relationship is meant to remain casual, Piper finds herself falling in love with Zephyr. But behind his calm smile, there is a wall around his heart. She wants to know more about him—but if she ever reveals how she feels about him, their relationship will be over. So she decides to keep her feelings hidden away in her heart—and then she discovers that she’s pregnant!

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3.5 friends with benefits 4  4

The hero and heroine are friends with benefits; they have been for years since meeting at work. They both suffer major pain in their life from the heroine's husband cheating on her and getting another woman pregnant and they weren't going to have kids. The hero was abandoned by his mother for her husband because the husband couldn't stand to look at the hero that reminded him his wife was a prostitute. Neither want love because of how it's hurt them in the past but the heroine is the first to realize that she's fallen for the hero. The heroine keeps it quiet because she loves being with the hero in and out of bed. The hero is open with the heroine, at such a comfort level that he opens up about his past and how he can't find love in his dictionary. Irony is the hero stating that you don't know where life will take and life took them for a spin. The heroine discovers her birth control is off and they live with the possibility that she's pregnant. What I liked is how they took the possibility with such adult maturity rather than throwing arms and insults. It does end surprisingly with the hero declaring if the heroine is pregnant then they'll get married. Things get a little chilly when they discuss more on marriage but the heroine consents to marriage if she's pregnant. The next few scenes are rather nice. After two weeks, it's confirmed and the hero is ecstatic. The heroine is too but she's anxious over the future. The two start making plans but the heroine's ex comes in with his tail between his legs, begging the heroine to help him because the hero is being unfair to his in the business sector. Sadly, the heroine doesn't choose her words right when going to the hero about it, I mean listen to her first words, "I found wiped his contract. Why would you do that?....treated me horribly....all in the past. Anyways, that has nothing to do with his work with you." I mean this is awful; I would have gone, "My ex came to visit me and told me all this but I want to hear from your side." That simple but she blew it. He reveals the underhanded dealings the EX was doing and in his words, his pain of the heroine take the Ex's word over him. It's a cold exchange of words between the two but things take a wrong turn. The heroine suffers a miscarriage and she leaves the hero but not before confessing her love for him. Her absence causes a hole to widen in the hero's heart who can't figure out what to do. Thankfully, the man has a friend who helps his find the strength and courage to see the heroine. He finally sees the heroine and reveals his pain of the heroine taking the Ex's side and how he's in love with her. It was a lovely speech and proposal wrapped up in a bow. The heroine says says and we get a cute epilogue with their little boy.

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