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Rosie must mourn the passing of her best friend with the man who chose her over Rosie!

Don’t leave me, Angelo! Rosie woke up from the nightmare. Three years ago, her boyfriend, Angelo, left her for her best friend, Amanda. Rosie’s scars were almost healed, so she wondered why she’d been haunted by this dream. Then she received a phone call notifying her of Amanda’s death. Rosie was reunited with Angelo at the funeral, and he was just as attractive as ever. But as soon as he heard about Amanda’s will, his eyes filled with mingled hate and passion.

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Story of betrayal 3  3

The plot of stories psma nucleation and betrayal the heroine is a hardworking simple sweet wonderful woman who is fully in love with his boyfriend love about experience a one day she is helpful in a nice person one day one of his friend is in need of in state of emergency friend recommended that she said of the gifts that his boyfriend has given her to paid the hospital bills this is her grand plan to take over his boyfriend and take his life.know it story is unique I hope you enjoyed but as different you know me humans we have different taste in stories and writing so I suppose you have to read review by ownself to judge before buying or saying it's ok go ..Cathy Williams was born in the island of Trinidad, the West Indies. She is a great believer in the power of perseverance as she had never written anything before (apart from school essays a lifetime ago!) and from the starting point of zero has now fulfilled her ambition to pursue this most enjoyable of careers. , She has been writing Mills & Boon romances since 1990. Her hopes are to continue writing romantic fiction and providing those eternal tales of love and romance for which, she feels, we all strive. She derives inspiration from the hot, lazy tropical island of Trinidad, from the peaceful countryside of middle England and of course from her many friends who are a rich source of plots and are particularly garrulous when it comes to describing Mills & Boon heroes. It would seem, from their complaints that tall, dark and charismatic men are way too few and far between . She loves the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, where she lives with her husband and three children, Charlotte, Olivia and Emma and writing is hard pressed to find a moment's free time in between the millions of household the stories got

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cost way too high for the result 4  4

Ohhhhh, the harlequin shows an interesting segment on what happens when you try to achieve your dream by any means necessary. So, the hero and heroine were dating and fully on in love. Then one night, the heroine gets news that one of her friends got real hurt and need money for his medical bills. She tells her best friend who encourages her to sell the jewelry the the hero gifted to her in order to pay for the bills (interestingly, the heroine never notices that the friend is offering what she has). The heroine rushes off to pay the bills and the friend makes it out okay. Then the hero cruelly dumps the heroine stating on how she was only using him for his money and marries the best friend who has been the heroine's best friend since childhood 3 months later. Now, the heroine and the other friend never contact the best friend again till 3 years later when they receive news she's died in a car accident and the funeral is today. They see the lack of grievers at the chapel and learn of the woman's alcoholism. The hero comes by like a bull ready to charge, brings up selling the jewelry and strangely, the friend doesn't say anything about what the money was for or pushes to defend the heroine when the hero insults her. Then the heroine is taken to the reading of the will where the Best friend left her a cottage that the hero wants badly as an apology to the heroine. The hero won't have it and makes plans to push the heroine to sell the cottage to him. We see in the past that their relationship wasn't strong what with neither revealing their poor backgrounds or the heroine being honest to the hero of why she sold the stuff in the first place to the hero not putting his trust to her as why. It didn't help that they were separated by a third party. The H-friend tries to tell her that their childhood friend true personality came out when they left the slums as well as she's the cause for the hero and heroine's break up. We're able to learn that the friend's dream from childhood was to live in a home to see the ocean, have a husband, and no money troubles. The Best Friend had all that but she wasn't happy? Why would that be? She sacrificed the closest and longest relationships she had in the world for that home next to the ocean and more to get that rich husband but she didn't have the hero's smile nor love. It's revealed later the hero only married the Best Friend because she seduced him in his drunken stupor after his break up with the heroine and got pregnant. Then she had him ball and chain but after the wedding, she suffered a miscarriage and there was nothing to hold them together since the hero knew what she had done on purpose. The Best Friend was the definition of a gold digger. Moving on, the heroine tries to set up a catering business but finding help is hard, so the hero offers his with the exchange of the heroine's body. The heroine rejects, works hard to make it a success and it works. However, she still falls into bed with the hero. I didn't like that part but I did like that we got to see both hero and heroine's perspective both now and then. The hero sees the heroine with the friend again and is unable to keep himself from admitting that he loves the hero. He does and she reveals the whole hospital thing and the Best Friend's scheme. She reveals her past and he reveals his past too. Just as the two are about to kiss, the heroine finds out about how the miscarriage by an ultrasound the friend left behind. The hero figures out it the whole inheritance was just a ploy from the best friend from beyond the grave to destroy the hero and heroine once again. Sadly, the man follows through by leaving because the pain but he fights to the heroine by setting her up with a gig at his place then introducing her to his entire staff as his bride to be. That's after he pushed her aside to talk things over. He asks for her forgiveness and states he loves her. She tell him that she loves him too and says yes. We get a happy ending with them all together and expecting another on the way.

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