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To pay for her mistake, she would do anything…

After Carlotta, Princess of Santina, brought shame to her royal family, she offered herself in her sister’s place to regain her father’s love and trust. There was no other way to redeem herself for the mistake she made. Her sister ran away from a political marriage to marry Rodriguez, the prince of a nearby country. Enduring the rude stare of her new betrothed, Carlotta can’t help but wonder how this already stormy marriage will end.

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good plot 4  4

This story was something I was not expecting, especially from the heroine. However, I liked it nevertheless. The heroine becomes a substitute bride after her sister ditches the fiancee of a prince for another. The heroine goes along with it under the immense pressure of her father after the huge scandal she caused. The heroine goes along with the whole thing because of the scandal she caused (and it's not something you're going to expect.). He gets the surprise of the heroine being a single mom since he doesn't read the paparazzi rags. When the hero and heroine are alone, she fights him to adopt her illegitimate son, so her little boy will have a name. At first, the hero has a tough time with connecting with the little boy but only because he was forced to stop being a child at a young age by his cruel father. Seeing the heroine protect her son, puts her in a better light with the hero as well as connecting more and more. The hero finds himself wanting to protect the heroine, especially with the hyena paparazzi who never stop reminding her of the scandal. I loved how the hero protected her and became really warm to the son. The whole thing leaves the heroine confused since she doesn't have a good memory of men. She reveals the inner details of her scandal, something I'm actually going to leave out because it's a real surprise, I mean I didn't see it coming. The hero starts to work on the heroine and son with gaining their trust and building up their confidence. He even opens up about his sad past of his mother leaving him because she couldn't his father's constant cheating. Then the father would physically abuse the hero. The heroine comforts the hero but he shuts himself away. Then the hero's father dies, leaving pain in the open but the heroine is there to hold him and help him. After that, the hero shocks the heroine immensely with a public announcement (and a lie) that the son is actually his biologically son that he's making heir to the throne. The whole thing sends the hyenas into a frenzy, descending on the heroine who is still processing the big lie. She takes his show of the love (along with his wrong choice of words) the wrong way and shuts him out but quickly opens the door when a call from her mom shows that it's an act of love for her and Their son. The two confess their love for each other and decide to get married. It was a lovely ending.

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