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Is Ariston looking for an employee or a mistress?

Eight years ago, while vacationing in Greece with her mother, Keeley met Ariston Kavakos, king of the Greek shipping industry and the most cold-blooded, arrogant man she had ever encountered. They shared a passionate kiss, but he angrily pushed her away, saying she was shameless…just like her mother! Ariston walked away without looking back, and it still stings for Keeley, even now. But after a chance reunion, Ariston offers to hire Keeley for an enticing sum of money. What is he thinking? Is he looking for a way to humiliate her again?

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okay but he was a jerk 3  3

When it comes to jerky heroes, I try to be lenient or put myself in their shoes with all the hardships they've had but some can be such jerks. I mean the hero hasn't had an easy life what with his mother abandoning his little brother and him to his negligent and free gigolo of a father. Next, she ODs. Then him being the foster parent to his little brother and being leader to a small community that he had to put his feelings on the back burner. Yet, he put his common sense and empathy back there too when it came to the heroine. He couldn't seem to see her that she was like him; a kid being dragged around by the whims of their negligent parents. Plus, he determined from an eighteen year old's kiss that she was going to be a gold digger. He's not the one who spent time with her walking through nature and catching the bugs, that was the younger brother. Plus, what gold digger is happy to spend her time in dirty jeans and t-shirt, hunting for bugs. What a knuckleheaded baboon! Now, it takes the scandal of the limo driver humping the heroine's mother to send her family in the whole scandal hurricane. The hero blames mother and heroine for the mess at his family house. The heroine is just a poor victim of circumstance because she can't get a job due to her mother's face on the paparazzi rags. It wouldn't matter if she changed her name or not since the paparazzi rags already got her face. Eight years pass and the heroine runs into her friend the younger brother. He shows her around and they have a good time together but they're seen by the brother who overthinks the heroine is going to sink her claws into the brother since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It's the usual routine of threats but after seeing the heroine's living condition and job, he gives her the housekeeper position that will pay ten times the amount. The offer is just too good for the heroine who desperately needs money to keep her sick mom in the nursing home. She can't see she's the fly to the hero's spider web. Yet, the hero is getting caught in his own web since he's having such strong desires for the heroine, desires he's never had with any other woman. Even though he sees her as a greedy woman. I did like the heroine had some bit when it came to the hero. Unfortunately, the heroine can't stop making advances on the heroine even though she objects. Then he puts the blame on her, blinding himself from admitting he wants her. Weeks pass by with the hero is still hunting the heroine. His employees have good things to say about the heroine but he's still going for it. Finally, passion takes hold and they go at it. After that, it's so predictable with the hero insulting the heroine by basically saying she's her mother's daughter. And he keeps building on it with about sleeping with her first to keep his brother away. I gave her a star for the hard slap she gave him across the face. She quits and demands to be taken home. The hero gives her work's pay and she leaves but he wants to end it all with the heroine. So, he stays away for a few months then comes to see a sickly heroine. She reveals her pregnancy and he asks who's the father. She reveals it's him and he says she'll give the child up to him after it's born. The heroine is against with the hero giving her the ultimatum: marry him or he sues for custody. The heroine sees she has no leverage and goes for the marriage option. They get married but he tells her not to expect love from him. The heroine goes along with it but not being able to do anything like cook or clean drives her. Things only get worse when she learns there'll be nannies to raise the baby and the hero won't be there. The straw was when the hero got all upset about the heroine bringing a greek teacher(it's a woman) into the house. She tells him she's leaving and uses the baby's health as in her health as leverage for him to back off. She gets a home and months pass by with little contact between them. When the heroine contacts the hero, he chooses her over an important business call. She keeps it calm and short but the hero desperately asks to meet with her. He goes to her new home where everything looks clean and cozy. The hero finally breaks down his wall and opens up of his life being hellish without the heroine. He confesses his love for the heroine and she gives her love back to him. We skip to the baby boy's birth and her mother's death. It was a nice ending but the hero was just a big jerk and I was kind of hoping for a little confrontation between the hero and his brother if the brother had discovered the hero's plan.

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