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Months ago her doctor neighbor became her lover…and now he’s delivering their baby!

In labor, Lexi is taken the local clinic, where she is shocked to meet the doctor on call. What is Tyler Braden doing here? Not so long ago, after she was fired from her job and, careworn and sad, ran into him outside their apartment building. They spent the night together, but when they woke up in the morning, he declared that he had no desire for a partner, a wife or a child in his life. But now Tyler is delivering his own child! She thinks there is no way he could know the child is his, but then he tries to take the baby away from her!

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Chronological order for both hero and heroine: About a year ago to story's current date, the heroine finds herself out of the job and no future in the city. She runs into her mysterious apartment neighbor and they have a passionate night. Only the man douses cold water all over the poor woman how they were a one night stand and he's not the kind who wants wife or kids. The heroine lets him go but she finds out she's pregnant. She doesn't tell him of course because of his words and goes back home. She heads back to her hometown and stays with her brother and sister-in-law who support her and want to put a bullet in the baby daddy's head. During this time, the hero suffers a tragedy at work and has the media hound him so bad that his hospital requests he takes time off. So, he takes up a temp position as a doctor and ends up delivering his and the heroine's baby. The heroine did try to get him out of the birthing room but it only strengthen his resolve that the baby he just delivered is his. He plans to do everything he can to be with his son even after seeing the heroine not admitting he's his son. So, he fills out the birth certificate, putting his last name as the baby's last name. She freaks out and tells the sister-in-law who keeps her calm. The next day, the hero comes by with flowers and gifts but it turns into a fight with the heroine's brother coming in ready to deck the hero only to be stopped and put in time out by the sister-in-law. Some things are explained and the heroine and hero get some time to talk alone. They decide to get to know each other but before they can, the entire town under the brother and sister-in-law's direction throw a shotgun wedding. When I mean shotgun, I mean the brother is literally standing behind the hero at the altar pointing the barrel of a shotgun pointing at the man's head. The heroine believes the hero was coerced and he admits that at first he was but he realizes that he wants to give his son a family and doesn't mind being married to her. Although, the two become at an impasse when the heroine brings up that she knows nothing about the hero's past and he's not willing to open up to her till she plays hardball. He reveals he's the product of an affair and his maternal grandparents would abused him for it. He had only ever told a woman once but she left him when he told her; the woman didn't deserve him. The heroine says the right thing by pulling him in for a hug and thanking him for opening up. Slowly, the hero and heroine start building a relationship as the hero builds a relationship with the townspeople. The hero stills clams up when it comes to the reason why he came to their town in the first place. It takes a bullet wound and the fact that the hero didn't call her to tell her he got a bullet or was alright for her to run off. His colleague whacks it into his head about marriage is something where two people share everything be they good or bad. He finally realizes his mistake and runs after her. Once he catches up with her, he reveals why he came here. Months ago, a boy was brought into the ER and despite their best attempts, the boy died. His family was grief-stricken and the older brother pulled out a gun and waved it around in the lobby. The hero tried to wrestle the gun out of the young adult's hand when the guy settled on shooting a little girl but in the scuffle, he pulled the trigger and the bullet the young adult. The mother of the two boys blamed the hero, called him a murderer, and used the media to harass him. The hero reveals he was afraid if the heroine knew then she would leave him and he doesn't want to lose her because he's fallen in love with her. The heroine says he would have done the same in his position and that they're not getting divorced because she loves him too. We fast forward six months to the little boy standing on his own for the first time and the hero becoming the doctor for the town. It was a real sweet ending and I enjoyed it.

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