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Why, Claire wonders, must I forever be drawn to Xander, of all people?

Claire, a single mother, has suddenly bumped into her ex, Greek tycoon Xander. He’s even more attractive now than he was four years ago, and no woman can resist his seductive allure. However, when he looks at Claire, Xander’s gaze is filled with anger. She understands. After a humiliating night together, Claire disappeared from his life. She tries to leave again, but Xander stops her. And she is surprised by his response when he learns about her child!

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interesting enough. 4  4

The heroine is a single mom to a little boy and living with what elderly lady as part of a program where people who are in need of a place and show good characteristics live with senior citizens who need a companion and housekeeper who can exchange with room and board. This goes one for many years till the heroine runs into the EX and the father of her son (the hero). The hero is just as surprise to see the heroine since she disappeared on him years ago. This is after he broke off their relationship out of the blue and tried to compensate with diamond necklace along with the promise of monthly payments. The heroine was disappeared completely and it rattled the hero since he had no idea whether she was alive or not. Plus, her not taking anything unlike her predecessors and future replacements. It's after the heroine manages to break away from him that we see their past of how they met and dated. We even learn when the heroine was about to tell the hero about being pregnant was when he broke up with her with the excuse of meeting another woman. The heroine thinks that's the end between the hero and her but he's unable to let it go. He gets her address and goes to her home where he finds her with a little boy whose family features are striking similar to his own. The man is able to put two and two together and we get a lot of things said misinterpretation. The hero accuses the heroine of taking revenge on him by hiding his son and going to use but the heroine uses the little bit of common sense that have alway appeared in the secret baby stories but hardly ever used in the fights; she says, "If I wanted you or your money, I would have told you about the pregnancy,". In that moment, I was shouting "Yes" because someone finally used that bit of common sense. The hero's not the only one with the wrong impression; the heroine gave the elderly lady the impression that the hero was an abuser but the way she sees him doesn't show he's an abuser and it seems she's had experience. The other thing was the hero wanting to be a father because he lost his parents at a young age and was raised by uncle who didn't seem to teach or give him family love. Next, comes marriage with the heroine putting up the big red Nix on it. So, the hero starts working with taking her on family and has a all paid trip for the elderly lady. The vacation is just what everyone needs with the sand smoothing out the rough spots and giving the hero and heroine a chance to bond and learn more about the other. Both acknowledge their harsh words and become very intimate but the hero panics. His behavior off sets the heroine and he reveals his ulterior motive. He reveals the vacation was to lure, bed, and impregnate the heroine so she would marry him. The whole thing actually reveals they do love each other and have since the beginning but didn't know about the other's feelings. After this confirmation of love, we skip to them having a beach wedding.

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