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Jaime just wanted to know the mother who left her. But she found so much more…

Jaime came to Bermuda to learn why her mother, Catriona, abandoned her when she was young. Catriona is living on the island under a fake name, and Jaime has left her job and gone to the island to work as her secretary. However, it seems that the manor where she lives is a love nest for her and Dominic, her young and handsome stepson! All Jaime wanted was to know the truth about her mother, but she hadn’t expected this. During Jaime’s trial period as Catriona’s secretary, Dominic begins to hang around her more often than necessary. She’s not beautiful like Catriona, so what is his game?

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3.5 it's a bit twisty 4  4

The heroine has gone to the Caribbean in search of her missing mother who left her father and her when she was two. Why? Well, the heroine's father recently died, she found photos of the woman, and now she's searching for answers. The woman is the insecure, manipulative, and an attention seeker as we can see early onset with how she wants the hero to have nothing to do with the heroine at all. I mean this woman cannot stand the idea that she's been the guy's first wet dream at fifteen and has done everything she can to keep him as well as his father tightly leashed. It's only been a year since the father's death and the hero is trying to keep his stepmother from crawling into his bed. The man is well wrapped around her finger, only pulling away a bit that put him down as not sleeping with her yet. Although, he has thought of marrying the woman and it was quite frightening. Sadly, this whole dynamic relationship is seen by the heroine and she takes in the worse way. Especially since she learns the woman lied about her age being older than she proclaimed. However, she turns out to be a angel sent because she actually turns the hero's head away from the stepmother. The heroine only needs to meet the hero once with only a hello to end up on the hero's radar and the stepmother's strike zone. She attempts to heed the woman's words and stay away from the hero but he pursues the heroine. During this time, the heroine is trying to figure out on everything from her disappointment of her biological mother to mother and hero's "relationship" and what the hero's true motives are. The hero is finally figuring out the stepmother's true face and has had enough with her suffocation and wants to be with the heroine. Thankfully, the two hold conversations that reveal a lot and they find themselves in love. Then the heroine talks some more with her biological mother over her first marriage and it's painful. Then she finds a key in her pencil case and thinks it belongs to the mother. The she assumes the key unlocks a safe with more information about her first marriage but it only opens a box of jewels. The hero sees the heroine with an open box and it breaks it a fight. Yet, it lads to coitus, only with both of them at a loss of what to do. The heroine reveals the stepmother is her biological mother and explains it all. The next morning, the heroine leaves and the hero confronts the stepmother. She's quite honest but she tries to make it out that the heroine's father wasn't being attentive. The hero finally gives it to her straight that nothing is going to happen between them and more. The woman can't take the idea that she's losing one of her fans and makes big and serious threats but the hero still goes after the heroine. When he finds out, they have the sit down. He tells her the relationship between the mother and him is over as well as it never started. He confesses his love to the heroine and she does too. Then she reveals about the mother never divorcing her father. It's then they find the woman's Achilles' heel since she didn't divorce then her marriage to the hero's father is invalid and she has no right to any of the property or money. They save the information and get married in a married in a matter of weeks. Then months later, they have a cute baby boy. After that, they finally get a congratulations card from the mother.

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