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He’s known as a difficult genius. But who is he really?

Sev, a successful IT millionaire, makes passes at his secretary when he’s bored, even though he isn’t actually interested. Naomi moved to New York to try to rekindle her relationship with her father, who left when she was young. It’s been three months since Naomi started working for Sev, but she’s beginning to worry that working so near someone so attractive is bad for her future. When she tries to resign, he demands that she go with him on a business trip to Dubai as her final task. And that’s when his seduction really begins—so she mustn’t let him know how she feels…

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The heroine is the hero's temporary secretary who's made quite a positive business impression on him. However, he knows about her private life of trying to reconnect with her absentee father since it's the reason why she took the job in another country in the first place. She doesn't tell him of course about her engagement ending when she moved because she realized she wasn't in love with the guy. The heroine is desperate for family love since her parents divorced at a young age and she was sent to live with her mother. Now, she lived a life without a father who only paid child support as well as never appearing and a mother who constantly berated for simple existing since she's the reason why the father turned his attention away from the mother. She tries hard but the father and his young wife only manipulate the heroine into being their free babysitter(and trying to get a foot in the door with the hero) for their young kids. The heroine only realizes the hard truth after lied to that her father doesn't celebrate his birthday but she comes over to give him a cake only to find him having a big party without her. The hero can see the hurt she suffers since he suffered a similar tragedy. The hero grew up in a bad orphanage and dreamed many things to explain why his family gave him up. When he found his mother, she rejected the sight of them of never wanting him and how his half sister only comes to him for money. He decides to make it personal of what the heroine's father did to her and strives to help her heal and move on. The two open up to each other and more than one heart slowly mends. It does sound strange since the hero was telling her not to trust people. Then comes an altercation with the heroine's ex and that stirs the pot into something more passionate. He asks her to do something important for him to be at a location at a certain time because it's where he wrote one of his orphanage brothers to meet him. She goes there and for the first time, she finds the guy. Then the hero shows up and it's a happy moment. Afterwards, the hero proposes to the heroine and she says yes. We go to the wedding where the father is showering the heroine about being happy for her and meeting with the family but she gives it to him straight. He doesn't care about her and he's not going to be invited to anything anywhere for a long time. She finally popped his balloon and it was desperately needed to be popped. More surprises come along but it ends very happily for the hero and heroine.

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