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She thought she was alone in life…until she found him.

Olivia’s life is all about her work, so she deeply respects Tony as a business owner. That’s why his offer comes as such a complete shock. He wants her to have his baby! He isn’t looking for marriage—he’s looking for someone who will accept his offer in exchange for his assistance in business. Although she’s anxious about it, Olivia wants to be intimate with a man at least once, and she thinks may never find another man as attractive or convenient as Tony. She agrees to the unusual deal, all the while trying to hide the guilt she feels for keeping her secret from him.

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becky's comment - October 4th, 2019

There are many harlequin stories about relationship or marriage based on contract, but this one is quite unique and interesting to read. In other stories,heroines are usually forced into fake relationship because of some money issues or family issues. In this story, the heroine is a smart and independent career woman who will not miss the chance to go for the man she wants. Their relationship seems nothing more like business at first but is actually about two people who truly admire, respect and attract each other. They are a perfect match.

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I liked it. 5  5

The hero brings up a proposal to the heroine at a party: make a baby with him. Why? Well, the hero has worked so many years and seeing his brother and sister with their partner and kids has gotten him yearning for a kid since the wife factor takes too long. So, he opts for the surrogate option and plans to compensate the heroine immensely and will even do artificial insemination. The heroine approaches the proposal quite logically instead of going away. Then she comes up with her own conditions: 1) it will be a two week trial period, 2) the hero will put one of her stores into his large chain of hotels as compensation, and 3) they'll do it naturally. However, the heroine doesn't reveal to the hero that she can't have kids. It's because the heroine went through a week of hell when she was only a teenager. In a short time, she lost her alcoholic father, her mother to pneumonia and the mother's last words were telling the heroine that she can't have kids because when she was a child, she suffered a lot of pain and they had to take one of her ovaries. Now, the heroine didn't know that losing one ovary doesn't mean you can't have kids, it just lowers her chances. She never did get it confirmed by a doctor and I wouldn't blame her because in a matter of a week, she just became all alone in the world with no hope of having kids as a teenager. It's no wonder she keeps saying, "I don't need kids or marriage" in order to not feel lonely. After they are to each other's conditions, their first attempt goes badly because family intervention but second time goes extremely well. However, they're interrupted again by the hero's family for an emergency babysitting situation. They take good care of the three kids and the hero sees the heroine loves kids and is good with them. It causes him to wonder why she doesn't want marriage or kids. Then on their last day together, the heroine gets sick and sick enough to be taken to the hospital by friends. She finds out from the doctor that she's actually pregnant and has a few misunderstandings cleared up. Now, the heroine is faced with the reality she can have a baby and doesn't want to give the baby up to the hero. During this time, the hero reflects on everything and reveals everything to his brother who encourages him to go after the heroine. The hero finds out where the heroine is and goes to meet her. She reveals her pregnancy and her wish not to give up the baby. The heroine explains her past and the hero states that he wants to marry her not to keep the baby but because he loves hr and wants her to be his wife. His speech was incredibly sweet to her and she says to his yes. We get a cute epilogue with their baby boy and another on the way.

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