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Nikki’s got a plan to keep her boss in line, but can she count on Jonah to help her?

Nikki’s boss, Eric, wouldn’t stop hitting on her, and she needed to do something about it. She thought if she were married he’d leave her alone, so she decided to go to the Cinderella Ball to find a husband. She meets Jonah there and thinks her plan will work with his help, but Jonah may have other ideas.

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I like Jonah so much 5  5

Yes Jonah is very sexy. I enjoy the stories very well. The heroine was great. She's a strong willed woman, but of course the one who made this stories appeal so much to me is the hero, Jonah. I love his attitude. Good for you Nikki. I even hope there's a longer version for the manga. But maybe i ll considering checking the novel. I love the comedy inside the stories as much as the romance

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a new kind of fairytale 4  4

The storyline was quite funny with how it all played out. The hero has been sent by his parents (although, he almost uses his mother's name first) to handle a delicate matter. It seems his younger brother has become infatuated with a woman who's having him neglect his work and they can't fire the heroine because she's in line for a huge award. Suddenly, firing such a capable woman would lead to questions and their reputation would fall down. He pulls some amateur detective and biased ideas that the heroine has taken the foolish brother to some wedding thing in Nevada. Imagine his surprise when he meets her and learns she's only there to get a fake husband for a few months as well as hiding from the brother. He decides to marry her before even asking her about why she's even running from the brother when the rumors have been saying otherwise. They have a vegas wedding but no wedding night thanks to the hero's jetlagged state. The next morning, the truth comes out with the brother trying to force his way in to the heroine's apartment but gets the real surprise of his brother being there and stating he's her husband. She's real peeved but she gives him the whole story. The brother was pursuing her and no matter how many times she rejected him, he kept on relentless. It was so bad with him neglecting his work and she having to pick up the lack, leading her to be exhausted and such. It led to her boating and putting her ring on the ring finger that started the whole misunderstanding of she being married. She decided to use that but the guy never back off. The hero catches that the fake marriage is being used to solve problems but she doesn't say what. They explain to the parents who are embarrassed about it (they should be) and then the hero meets the heroine's second problem. Her younger single mother widow sister who's been unable to move on and be independent. It actually gets the sister to go out and see her sister's workplace for the first time and she meets the brother (one can only guess what will happen there.) The workplace becomes a battlefield between the hero and heroine. Then the hero meets the heroin's aunt and uncle who are sweet but easily manipulated, especially by scammers. He kinda of jumps into the pool without first asking the situation but he does swimmingly in getting the aunt and uncle to agree to not giving the scammer money. Some harsh words are exchanged but they finally have a sit down and talk. Then the heroine gets a call from the scammer who tries to blackmail the heroine with her incident from seven years ago. She doesn't give in but she does to the hero's words when he sees the change in her behavior. She reveals that she was a college student who became responsible not only for her sister after they're parents' deaths when she was a young pregnant widow but also for her uncle and aunt's finances. She got manipulated by her college professor into investing her families' savings as well as her heart. She only realized too late he scammed her and she was paying the price. The next morning, the scammer has the heroine's incident posted all over the papers. She gets investigated but the hero is right beside her to help tell the truth. Luckily, she mentions the professor's name who is known by one of the committee members. At the end, the heroine is still a candidate for the big award. She gets the award and learns her sister is marrying the brother. When the hero and heroine are alone, the hero puts down that this is the end and the heroine doesn't stay to stop him, even though she wants to be with him. I loved the scene at the end of how the heroine confesses she loves the hero and the hero to her. It was incredibly sweet.

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