Seasonal Romance DAMIANO'S RETURN

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After five years, Eden’s missing husband has suddenly reappeared!

Her husband, who was thought to have died five years earlier, is still alive! Eden had never quite fit in with his famous family and she didn’t assert herself with him either—their marriage had been on the rocks. To make matters worse, after her husband’s disappearance a fake article about Eden having an affair appeared in a tabloid. Now they’ve been reunited and her husband is happy, but can their happiness last?

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progression from their stagnant marriage 4  4

The heroine gets the surprising news that her missing husband of five years has returned but the whole thing is rather bittersweet. Five years ago, she married the hero only a few weeks after meeting him when he broke up with the "right" girl with their engagement being of two years. From then on, she was identified as the "Other Woman" by his brother, sister-in-law, and sister who made it their mission to make the heroine miserable behind the hero's back. The heroine of course didn't tell him because it would be tattling. Then he got caught in a civil war and disappeared off the map. During this trying time, the paparazzi took released pictures of the heroine supposedly in an affair and despite her statements of denial, the family casted her out. Since then, she's been supporting herself and gone back to her family name till government come by to notify her of her husband being alive. That's not the only thing; the family calls by making threats of telling the hero about her "affair". The heroine is really stuck in a hard place here once the hero sees her living conditions and she won't tell him the truth. It adds instability to their already rocky marriage. The hero goes over time and relents about trying to make the heroine into someone else during their first years of marriage and she remembers he wanted to make her like the "right" girl who is best friends with the sister. In fact, the sister would always bring up the friend in her schemes of hurting the heroine. The anxiety along with the hero not talking about it (although, who would want to talk about their ex on their honeymoon) that kept the heroine from fully opening up to the hero during the passionate times. Then they meet the family and they waste no time in getting back in their old tricks from the sister-in-law telling the heroine about the hero's son with the "right" girl to the heroine's childhood friend blackmailing her for money over the article which really is him and the sister-in-law. Finally, the hero and heroine go to a private home where the hero is told by a friend of his family's cruelty to the heroine but another friend warns him of the heroine cheating on him. He believes the first and apologizes to the heroine for the suffering his family caused her. Being away from the family really help push their marriage in a positive light but the heroine waits too long to tell the hero about the article herself. It's a fight but the heroine fights back to the hero about his affair with the "right" girl and then the hero leaves. It breaks the heroine's heart and she finds out she's pregnant. She comes home to the dispirited hero who shows her proof that the paparazzi rag did have evidence of the sister-in-law and friend's affair but they used the back picture to sell more papers. The hero is suing them but apologizes profusely for hurting the heroine. Right when the heroine is thinking about the hero's son, the hero's family shows with demands that the hero take responsibility for his illegitimate son with the "right" girl. The hero denies he's the father and right then, the "right" girl calls and the hero has her admit on speaker phone to everyone that she lied about the son being the hero's and took the family money to support herself. That really shakes the sister but it nearly turns into a fight when she finds the affair pictures and it's Karma on the sister-in-law for all the crud she put the heroine through. The hero kicks out his family to deal with their problems and it's easy to see that they'll work long and hard to get back into their brother's good graces. Once they leave with their tails between their legs, the hero reveals the reason he broke up with the "right" girl was the fact that she would sleep around when he was at work. He also reveals that he "handled" the childhood friend who won't bother the heroine anymore. It's a happy time for the hero and heroine with the confession of love and the heroine revealing her pregnancy.

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