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She sneaked into a party—he sneaked into her heart!

Look straight ahead and walk with confidence. Today you’re an heiress. Chantal was remembering the night she danced a passionate tango with a handsome man…at the party she sneaked into with someone else’s ticket! When someone had been about to reveal her lie, she ran away. Later on she learned that the man she’d been dancing with that night was a wealthy Greek named Angelos, and she felt even more pathetic. The feelings she has for him can never be returned—this is real life, after all, not a fairy tale!

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3.5 mistaken identity 4  4

The heroine wants one night from her life from multiple jobs and little pay. She takes the opportunity when a guest at a hotel she cleans for, throws away a big ball ticket. She takes the crumpled ticket, makes her own dress, and goes to party. Where she meets both the hero and his father, as well as avoiding old school bullies. She makes quite the impression on the hero's father who declares that she's the one for the hero to the hero himself. She leaves the hero without a word but he looks for her. The only unfortunate part is he uses the ticket as a means of identification and the original owner of the ticket is a gold digger who's been married three times. It puts the hero in a real bad mood and horrible attitude to the heroine for a good part of the story. There is a reason for his behavior even it's not entirely good; the hero was a once bitten poor guy with a woman who only married him for his fortune then divorced him six months later, taking the alimony. However, he still tries to find her because she brings a smile to his ill father's face. He finds her at the wrong time and place outside a fancy shop when she's only looking at the windows. The heroine does go with after hearing the father is sick but it puts her at odds with the hero who thinks she's going snare one of the two men, despite the father believing the heroine is the hero's girlfriend. After his intimidation, they finally let passion go wild and the hero deflowers the heroine. This actually proves that the heroine isn't the name on the ticket. She reveals her story relating to the ticket but his attitude after she opens up is pretty bad and she orders a cab home till he intervenes. He's able to convince her to stay on the account of his father and a possible pregnancy. His attitude changes to one more attuned to romance and is able to sweep the heroine's heart off. The father even notices the changes with the hero being unable to focus on work. As they learn more about the other, they become more close. Then comes the big obstacle when they go to a party where the bully is attending as well. She recognizes the heroine and reveals the heroine's mother was a mistress and it's the whole, "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree" crud. Upset, the heroine runs off and disappears. When the bully tries to move on the hero, he shuts her down quick then runs after the heroine. The heroine goes back to waiting tables but she gets a surprise upon returning home and finding the hero sitting on her couch. I was impressed with the hero by not only proposing a ring but with also a business plan in order to relieve the heroine from her fear of being dependent. I'm touched and so is the heroine. She says yes then reveals her pregnancy and it's a happy ending for all (well, except the bully).

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