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Sophy just wanted to protect her sister, but who will protect Sophy’s heart?

Sophy had felt protective of her sister and her nephew ever since the family of her sister’s late husband, Theo, had opposed their son’s marriage. That’s why she followed her sister to Greece when she went to visit Theo’s family. When they arrived, Theo’s attractive brother, Andreas, picked them up and brought them back to his breathtaking mansion, but his welcome was less than warm! Still, as Sophy spends time with Andreas under the Greek sun, her heart becomes more conflicted. Now she doesn’t know what to do…

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around the merry go-around 3  3

Goodness, this was such a merry-go-around and beat around the bush harlequin comic. I was shocked the hero and heroine actually got together. Now, the heroine goes with her twin sister and nephew to meet the in-laws for the first time. It’s right after husband’s death and the heroine has no idea what to really expect. She has only ever heard bad things about the family from the husband but she never really liked the man in the first place(her sister finally reveals he was an abusive person). She meets the hero who gets her riled unlike his parents who warmly welcome their new family members well. From then on, the hero and her enter this cat and mouse game with him teasing her. She learns that the husband was never really kicked out, he just ran off. The encounters with the hero throws the heroine off her iron guard from skinny-dipping in the pool to dinners out. Finally, the heroine learns the truth about the brother. The brother’s birth father raped the mother when she was young then paid the mother’s father off to let them be married rather than have his head shot off. The guy died at sea, leaving the mother to raise the brother. That’s when the hero’s father came along and married the mother. They raised the hero and brother with all the love and everything seemed fine (brother was a bit of a rebel) till one of the brother’s paternal relatives came to see him. Whatever was said turned the brother against his family. He cursed everyone out and left them cruelly. His poor mother suffered a nervous break from the guilt she felt. The heroine seems to let her guard down a little but it’s still resists the hero’s sweet words. She starts having this internal tug of war of giving in her love for the hero. The hero already figured out he loves her but her resistance makes it hard. It’s not till towards the end when they’re at the airport that the heroine finally gets it through her head that she does in fact love the hero and races after him. We have one of those loud airport declarations of love and it ends happily.

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