Luke's Promise

Passion Romance Luke's Promise

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Luke's Promise

Now that they’re married, can they stay just friends?

The West brothers’ beloved housekeeper, Ada, is terminally ill, and they need money to pay for an experimental treatment. But the terms of their inheritance stipulate that all three of them must be married in order to access the money. So middle brother Luke asks his childhood friend Maggie to marry him! Maggie always had a crush on Luke. But she also knows he’s a total playboy and has her doubts about his plan. The solution? They agree to get married with the intent of staying friends… What could possibly go wrong?

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The hero and heroine have known each other since childhood and have remained friends even after a disaster between families. Things change when the heroine discovers her father sold her favorite horse on the account of a riding accident that injured her wrist. The hero runs to his brother to inform of the news since he is the heroine's fiancee bu the borther tells him that the heroine ended their one week engagement. Now, he buys the horse and provides a place for the heroine stay after she left her family's house. When they're together, they talk about many things like marriages and why. The heroine decides to marry the hero to get the inheritance money to pay treat his ill housekeeper like his brothers. We learn many things like how the hero and heroine had an almost one night stand that ended awkwardly with the hero turning away from the heroine and awkward friendship kiss. Yet, she discovers from the hero that he was so drunk that he blacked out and doesn't remember what happened. The only thing the poor hero remembers is waking up to the heroine's hurt face. The heroine says yes to the marriage and they detour to a small chapel to tie the knot. We learn in the past the hero married the heroine's cousin who trapped the hero in a marriage by getting pregnant. Now, the passion died but he was still respectful as well as caring for the baby but the cousin didn't trust him and believe he was having an affair. She attempted suicide but survived at the cost of the child. Family like the heroine's rude dad believed the cousin but the heroine knew the truth. Sadly, the tragedy is still fresh in the hero's mind after nine years that he doesn't celebrate Christmas and is afraid of getting close to people in fear of losing them. The heroine learns about his charity work with kids, especially with a young foster boy. Their relationship progress and I liked how it intertwines with the first story. I also liked seeing the foster boy's perspective. However, just as things gets deeper, there comes an obstacle for the hero. The heroine talks about the hero fostering the little boy and the hero says he can't with the little boy overhearing them. The little boy runs off hurt and don't know the whole thing about the hero being scared of hurting the ones he loves. Then they get notified that the boy has disappeared and they go off in search for him. They find him in a ravine and the hero goes down there to have a one on one hat with the kid. He tells the little boy that he wants to be his son and it's a sweet moment. At the end, the heroine tells the hero that she doesn't want their marriage to end and he confesses he doesn't either because he loves her. It's a nice ending.

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