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Rumors about a gang of thieves terrorizing their town threaten to pull Chrissie and Guy apart.

Chrissie visits the town of Haslewich to sort through her deceased uncle’s belongings. Given her uncle’s reputation as the town troublemaker, many residents view Chrissie with contempt by association. Things change when she goes to an antique store and meets the owner, Guy Cooke. He’s kind and attractive, and before they know it, they are drawn to each other. However, when rumors about a gang of thieves begin to circulate around town, they threaten to tear the couple apart. Can Chrissie and Guy’s relationship survive the gossip?

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antiques and thieves 4  4

The heroine has taken the tough job of sorting through her uncle's things back in their hometown. The tough part stems from the fact that the uncle was a bad apple and everyone in town believed that one person's behavior spoke for the whole family. The heroine and her parents faced so much hard criticism they left. Years later, she's back to sort through all the things. This requires an antique specialist and she gets the hero's help. The man is quite smitten with the heroine's knowledge of antiques herself until he learns of her relationship with the uncle. He suspects that she's part of a thievery gang who broke into his store and stole some priceless items. In his suspicions, he decides to lay a trap for the heroine by offering her a volunteer position at his store. The heroine can't refuse in front of the lawyer whose family heirlooms were stolen from the shot and is currently helping the heroine with repaying everyone her uncle ever wronged. There are some ups and downs but thankfully a snobbish OW helps the hero see the heroine in a better light. The heroine also starts seeing the hero in abetter light with how he is with kids and other townspeople. The attraction between starts to build as well but the hero is at a loss of where he stands. The heroine becomes closer to the hero after he defends her from the OW, throwing accusations on the heroine just for being the niece to the bad apple uncle. The hero sees the heroine isn't her uncle and they begin developing the romantic relationship. The heroine reveals her relationship ended because the OM didn't want to be with the heroine who had a criminal in the family. Things go well till the hero comes to the house and sees the drawer that was supposedly stolen. Accusations are made and the heroine kicks him out after discovering about his initial thoughts. The very same night, the hero gets a call from the lawyer who reveals the stolen drawer was found at a different location. The hero realizes his huge mistake, he rushes over to the house to apologize to the heroine but discovers she's gone. She left behind the drawer and key to the house. He's able to find her quickly and apologizes for his suspicions. He also reveals a big secret: there are two drawers both made by request of the same person. It turns out the lawyer's grandfather had an affair with the nanny then forced her to marry one of the old and childless workers but he gave her one of the drawers as a wedding present. Afterwards, the hero confesses his love to the heroine and asks hr to marry him. She says yes and we get a happy ending.

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