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This strange man who’s suddenly appeared…just who is he?

Circumstances led Sophy to take a DNA test, but now she’s misplaced the all-important letter containing the results and can’t find it anywhere. If anyone else sees it, it will mean major trouble for her! In a panic, she searches a room reserved for breastfeeding, but, as if to thwart her search, the room is already occupied…by a shirtless, muscular man who is shaving. Sophy turns bright red and averts her eyes while he keeps a perfect poker face—it’s almost as though he had known she was coming. Just who is this thoroughly mysterious man?

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3.5 they needed a catchy title 4  4

Th hero and heroine's paths cross thanks to the heroine's crummy father. She's gone on a path to discover her birth parents after her adoptive parents left her to be closer to their blood-related daughter in another country. She wanted to go with them but they "persuaded" her to stay here. She found out that her mother died soon after the birth but her father is still alive and on a political path. When she shows herself to the man, he's less than pleased at the sight of her appearance. He demands a DNA test and she gets a letter that proves they're blood related. Next, she loses the letter when she first meets the hero and it sparks a conversation between them. The heroine of course has no idea that the hero is a personal spy sent by her paternal grandfather to see if she's a threat to his son's campaign. Their conversations do hold a lot of heated words what with the hero pulling the heroine in for a kiss and the heroine accusing the hero of stealing the letter (he never did and it was proven). The hero observes the "father and daughter" dinner going wrong and steps in to comfort the heroine. He still doesn't know of the connection and prods the heroine who's still feeling sore over her own father demanding she sign an agreement to never declare they're related and his statements of not wanting to form any relationship. A lot of things happen from passion being doused to the heroine learning of the hero losing his wife and child in a plane crash, which he survived. The opening up between the two brings out the brandy and loose lips. The heroine slips about DNA results and the hero puts the two together. Next morning, brings up a lot like bedroom activities and the heroine confessing about everything in her life to not making her presence known to the world for the sake of her little brother. Her words take a deep hold on the hero and he even gets her to meet her little brother and grandfather one on one. Although, it's after the heroine has had enough of being dragged around by her cold father and tells him that she want nothing to do with him. This is exactly what the heroine needed to heal her heart with a grandfather who wants to be a part of her life and make up for lost time. The heroine learns of the hero's departure but despite her request to come with him, he refuses since he doesn't want to risk her life. He leaves the heroine is heartbroken. She does go to her grandfather's birthday party and I loved his response when she asked how her father would take it," He didn't tell me he had a daughter and I'm not going to tell him I have a granddaughter." That's pure gold right there. He brings to a spot where she sees the hero and he sweeps the heroine off her feet to a private location. He opens up in his small but powerful words that ends with a confession of love to the heroine. The heroine confesses her love and we get a happy ending.

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