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A dangerous exchange with a gorgeous billionaire.

Ever since one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs stole her company, Marina’s life has been nothing but chaos. After her parents passed away, Marina had no choice but to settle the problem on her own. She crashes a party to try to negotiate with the billionaire, but she offends the prideful man and finds herself surrounded by Wakefield’s bodyguards. Suddenly a mysterious man named Ronan Carlisle comes to her aid and offers to help get her company back…under one condition. Marina must pretend to be his mistress!

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Too short or too fast, one of the two. 3  3

SPOILER ALERT: This story seemed short. The heroine is now in a bind. Having lost her father five months ago, her brother and she are working hard to keep the successful company they inherited running. She's logistics and he's PR, but in the process of making contacts, her brother runs into a real villain. He lures the young man to a high stakes poker game, gets him drunk and takes not only the company, but their family house as well, and demands payment the next day. When the sister learns of it she goes to confront the greedy playboy at one of his parties. She SAID she intended to go ask for him for an extension of the payment period, but if that was her plan, she failed from the start as she leads off shouting accusations in front of his guests. As she has no evidence, he accuses her of slander and prepares to have his goons "escort" her out, but another guest (the hero) comes to her rescue whispering her she's going about it the wrong way, but she’s not running away. She’s coming up with a new plan. She originally thinks he’s one of the villain’s bodyguards, but soon learns that he’s actually a long-term rival intent on taking the villain down, and he thinks she can help. It turns out that the two men have been rivals since college, but the villain crossed the line and hurt, quite deliberately, someone the hero cared about and now the hero plans to take the villain’s financial world to the ground. He knows that anyone close to him will draw the villain’s interest and so convinces the heroine to play his mistress. The hero explains that anything he values is guaranteed to catch the villain’s interest, so while the villain is distracted trying to take her away from him, the hero will spring the trap he’s setting, get the heroine’s company and house back, and ruin their mutual enemy. At first, the heroine is reluctant – she doesn’t have a lot of confidence since getting scarred in the accident that killed her father – but when her little brother tells her his wife is pregnant, she joins the cause. She, of course, is sent to have a makeover and turns into a stunning beauty that easily catches the villain’s attention, but then he’d go for any woman the hero thought was special. He’s immediately trying to entice her away with promises about her stolen company. Meanwhile, the family house has sold, the heroine has had to move into the hero’s mansion for the time being. He’s a gentleman and they go on dates to strengthen the image, and as they do, the heroin begins to feel cherished and respected. They draw closer, and she learns it wasn’t a friend the villain hurt. It was his sister. Later when she’s swimming in his pool, the hero gives in to his desires and whisks her off to the bedroom, but then he stops short (Yea, Hero! Kudos for control!). He won’t take what he wants while she’s weak and vulnerable. He cherishes her too much, but when she comes on to him (Boo, heroine, you should have saved it :(, he gives in and we see the hero is scarred – quite literally – from his own tragedy. They are well suited, but when she wakes, he’s gone - we have the usual the left-hand doesn’t know what the right is doing because there is no communication. She’s heartbroken and left feeling like a one night stand. During this time, the villain finally gets through to her and they arrange to meet. The hero shows up before she leaves and tags along, waiting outside. The heroine returns post haste, infuriated. She’s been offered her company in return for dumping the hero and joining him. Later, while the hero is gone, the villain comes to visit the heroine and show her the hero bought her house (to force her to move in with him) and he’s bought her company as well. It was all part of his plan to get her and expand his company, but before the heroine can jump to any flighty conclusions, the hero returns, decks the villain, kicks him out and then clears up the whole misunderstanding, chastising the heroine for believing the villain, not him (just what I was asking). He then comes clean – the whole mistress thing was just an excuse to keep her close by so she could fall in love with him. She admits she has, and he purposes with a ring and a kiss, and that’s the end. No wedding, no kids. I will say the enjoyed the art, but the story seemed a little jerky. There are jumps in time, but you rarely know how much had passed in between. That said, it flowed well enough to understand, but had a superficial, unrealized feel to it. Maybe that was because the heroine didn’t do things the heroine usually does in cases like this, that believe the villain and run off to make the hero search for her. That’s probably what made it feel so short… the usual over-the-top drama just wasn’t there. That said, it was worth renting on sale.

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