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She’s hidden her attraction to her boss so far, but it’s getting harder all the time.

Andreo runs an advertising firm and Mercy works as a housekeeper at his mansion. Although Mercy is falling for Andreo’s charms, she does her best to hide her feelings and do her job. One day, Andreo makes an astonishing request. He wants Mercy to appear in one of his commercials! Mercy isn’t sure if someone as unglamorous as she can really be part of a fancy commercial, but on the other hand, she can’t help but feel a faint glimmer of hope. That hope fades quickly, though, when she sees the script on the day of the filming.

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The heroine has become the hero's housekeeper since she doesn't have a record nor the ambition to be his mistress. It's a lot for the heroine to take in with the hero's schedule and "appetite". She only keeps at to provide the tuition money for her brother's medical school. Then the hero asks her to be a model in his latest commercial model and she's over the moon. The heroine keeps wondering if she's going to be one of those harlequin romances with having a romance with her boss. Then she gets to the studio and finds out she's the unattractive and ugly wife of the guy who rejects all beautiful women for her. Of course, it doesn't matter to the heroine because she's portrayed as ugly to the hero. The hero doesn't get till he takes her out to lunch and is all smiles. She tells him in tears about him mocking her for fun or is just plain insensitive. Her tears really stuns the hero who apologizes for how it made her feel even if it wasn't his intention. The whole thing actually spurts her to get a makeover thanks to her hairdresser friend who shows her that she's got the attributes to look beautiful. Her makeover really stuns the hero. In fact, an altercation with his ex has the heroine see the hero doesn't believe in love and how women only see him as a guy with a pound sign on his face rather than himself. Then he comes onto the heroine who rejects him. Next morning, she gives him resignation and he rejects with the plan that he's taking her to Italy. Once there, the hero starts seducing the heroine who resists his seduction. Then she meets the hero's mother and sees their estranged relationship. She also learns from the hero that his parents used each other to push themselves without any love for each other or for the hero. Seeing the hero in his anguish, the heroine decides to help him by having coitus in a way of expressing her feelings but considering the guy has had coitus with every Mary, Jane, and Elizabeth, it's possible that he wouldn't get it. Then she gets a call from her brother and the hero overhears. He comes to the conclusion the heroine is just using him and has another guy on the side. He accepts her resignation and gives her salary. The heroine is distraught over the whole thing but she takes the money and walks away. It's not until the hero has a talk with his mother over her one regret of allowing her pride to keep her from expressing her love to his father that he needs to see the heroine. He rushes back to an empty house but a fridge stocked full of his favorite food and notes to the future housekeeper on the hero's likes and dislikes. Four months of constantly searching for the heroine and he finds her in another man (heroine's brother)'s house and gives him a hefty punch. Once, the heroine comes in and sees the situation, he gives a real sincere confession of love to the heroine. The heroine can see he's being forthright with his feelings. The heroine says says to his proposal and reveals the OM is her brother. We get a wedding and skip to one year into the marriage where she reveals they're going to be parents and it's a happy ending.

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