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She might risk her heart for Jacob, but she won’t risk her child.

Two years have passed since KC’s affair with Jacob, a rich businessman, came to an end. No one would’ve thought that Jacob, the CEO of a large company in Philadelphia, would return to their small town. Back when KC was pregnant with Jacob’s child, his grandfather forced her to cut ties with Jacob in exchange for money. He even had the temerity to order her to get an abortion. Back then KC fled town, only returning after she learned of the grandfather’s death. Now Jacob has run into KC and her child, and he has questions!

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editor's comment - January 17th, 2020

It happens sometimes when you love someone, but due to some reasons you cannot be together. Check out how much the heroes of this book had to struggle for their happiness!

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A nice little secret baby story 5  5

The hero runs into his ex (the heroine) who he searched for desperately after she disappeared on him. He confronts her privately and discovers their son in the process. Next day, he meets with her and learns the sad truth about his grandfather, the old greedy miser threatened the heroine to leave the hero or her family would be chased out of town. If you add in the hero’s wish for their relationship to stay hidden, one would believe the hero was just as rotten as the grandfather. I did like the heroine allowing the hero to see his son, despite her grandmother’s objections. It turns out the women in the heroine’s family have had bad luck with men. It’s such an adorable scene when the hero holds his little boy. Afterwards, hero confronts lawyer then starts making plans to prove himself to the heroine. It’s what I loved about this harlequin. He goes from bringing her food to watching over the baby. The whole website of Q & A on baby care was a sweet add on and the hero’s proposal of commuting from her place to work. This way, he keeps her in a comfortable spot. He will even sleep on the couch and the heroine goes alone with it. Next, he takes the heroine out on dates and when things start getting hot, the hero is pulled away for a work emergency. The heroine learns at the bar that the hero’s family company has been getting death threats and sabotage for a while now. The recent attack may have just screwed the town over. The heroine doesn’t think there’s a connection between the death threats and why the hero kept their relationship a secret because she’s too busy defending the hero’s honor. Later, she comes across the company burning and discovers the lawyer committing arson. She gets trapped and the hero saves her, earning brownie points from the grandmother. Once they’re safe, the hero reveals the threats were the reason he kept their relationship a secret because he didn’t want her to be involved. I loved their confessions of love towards one another, very romantic. In the end, the heroine helps the hero win the townfolk’s trust, it’s revealed the lawyer was a corporate spy, and the heroine and hero get married. It’s a great ending with three kids and a great story all together.

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