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He’s rumored to be a moody genius. What is he hiding?

As the princess of Grannady’s assistant, Kristin invites large companies to help manage the princess’s finances. When she talks to businessman Dean Suminski in a Paris hotel, he’s cold to her, befitting his reputation as a difficult, moody genius. He tells her that he’ll listen if they can talk in the car on the way to the airport. He’s on his way to New York and making her an outrageous offer: he’ll pay her one hundred thousand dollars if she goes with him to a party that night!

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Available until : Aug. 31st 2020(Monthly course($59.99)

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3.5 Christmas kindness 4  4

The heroine is a secretary to a princess and is meeting her boss’s old enemy to negotiate a deal in getting him to work in their country. The hero refuses till he finds out that he needs a social person at a party. It’s because his company is facing some financial trouble, a man as introverted as the hero picks the heroine. She agrees on the condition that he give her computers, so she distribute them out to schools. Throughout the party, the heroine gives hints to the hero on how to interact with people like cooing over baby pictures and covers his mistakes. We find out later that the hero’s lack of socialization comes from a real sad past. His parents died and he was raised by his cruel grandmother who saw and said he was a burden rather than a treasure. The woman didn’t even celebrate Christmas with the guy. So, he was starved for family love and became guarded against people. That is until he met the OW who was dating the heroine’s boss’s husband. At the time, her father requested the hero date her in order to break up with the man but the hero was already in love with her. He tried probably in his clumsy, lack of love to express his heart but the cruel woman chucked it into an industrial shredder. She told him that she only dated him in order to make the other guy jealous. She ran out, got in her car, and died in an accident. The hero was investigated by the police but they found he had no connection to her death but the damage was already done. The hero closed his heart off till the heroine came knocking. Her whole presence and perspective sets the hero off his game. The feelings he had long since buried arise and doesn’t know what to do with them or her. The heroine gets him to do activities and opens up her reason of building school. The hero goes back and forth with pulling the heroine in and then pushing her away with his fear. He goes from not moving his company to moving it to her country. The whole thing turns out to be a blessing in disguise because it revitalizes his staff and their faith in him. The husband and hero agree to move forward from the past. The hero decides to open his heart again to the heroine till his stupid right-hand brainwashes him into believing he can’t give the heroine the life she deserves. So, he pushes her away again. Her heart breaks at his rejection. The hero is miserable from the lack of the heroine’s presence. Then in comes the right hand and in his idiocy, reveals he intentionally broke them up. The guy lets him off the hook but warns him there won’t be a next time. He chases after the heroine to apologize and confess his love. He gives a pretty good love speech and the heroine accepts his love and his proposal. It ends pretty well.

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